Electrical Engineering - Undergraduate Minor

(27 Credits)

The Electrical Engineering minor is not available to students majoring in Electrical Engineering.

Prerequisites (all may be transferred)
CHEM 111GGeneral Chemistry I4
MATH 191GCalculus and Analytic Geometry I4
MATH 192GCalculus and Analytic Geometry II4
MATH 392Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations3
PHYS 215GEngineering Physics I3
PHYS 216GEngineering Physics II3
Lower Division (all may be transferred)
E E 100Introduction to Electrical Engineering4
E E 112Embedded Systems4
E E 200Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics Applications4
E E 230AC Circuit Analysis and Introduction to Power Systems4
Upper Division (no transfer credit accepted)
E E 312Signals and Systems I3
E E 380Semiconductor Devices and Electronics4
E E Elective 14
Total Credits27

List of approved electives can be found at the ECE website. Certain electives may require additional pre-requisites.