Digital Film Making - Bachelor of Creative Media

Students must complete all university requirements and the Digital Film Making curriculum outlined below. All Digital Film Making Curriculum requirements must be completed with a grade of C- or higher.


General Education Courses 135
Viewing a Wider World Courses 16
Foundation Courses
CMI 100Introduction to the Creative Media Industry 23
CMI 200Sound Design 13
or CMT 206 Principles of Sound
CMI 205Cinematography I3
or CMT 205 Cinematography
CMI 216Editing I 33
or CMT 195 Digital Video Editing I
CMI 235Narrative: Principles of Story Across the Media (Required pre-application course for DFM)3
or ENGL 235 Narrative: Principles of Story Across the Media
CMI 228History of Cinema I3
CMI 303Cinema Review and Critique3
or ENGL 303 Theory and Criticism: Film, Media and Culture
or ENGL 326 Cultural Identity and Representation Across the Media
CMI 314Acting for Film3
or THTR 311 Acting for Film and Television
CMI 328Producing3
or CMI 305 Business of Filmmaking/Animation
CMI 497Portfolio Design and Development3
CMI Elective Courses
Select 27 credits from the following (21 credits must be 300 level and above): 427
History of Animation3
Beginning 2-D Animation3
Foundations of 3D Animation3
History of Cinema II3
Sound Design II3
Business of Filmmaking/Animation3
Writing for Animation3
Screenwriting I3
Cinematography II3
Editing II3
Adventures in Genre3
Border Cinema Around the World3
Documentary Production3
Race and Gender in Film3
Studies in Drama3
Visual Effects I3
Directing I3
Directing II3
Special Topics3
Directed Studies1-6
Cinematography III3
Short Film Production3
Short Film Post-Production3
Screenwriting II3
Advanced Screenwriting3
Media Law/Ethics3
Film Crew Training I 49
Film Crew Training II 49
Digital Video Production I 43
Digital Video Production II 43
Digital Video Editing II 43
Pre-production Management 43
Script Development and Storyboarding3
Screenwriting I3
Studies in Film3
Screenwriting I3
Electives: to bring the total to 120 credits22
Second Language Requirement: (not required)
Total Credits120

 For more information please see the General Education and Viewing a Wider World section of the catalog.


Required pre-application course for DFM


Course may be taken at an NMSU community college.


See course descriptions in the designated community college campuses.

 Second Language Requirement

For the Bachelor of Creative Media with a major in Digital Film Making there is no second language requirement for the degree.