Workforce Development and Career Readiness

DACC Workforce Development and Career Readiness (WDCR) offers opportunities for short, non-credit training programs, online and classroom-based professional skill development, lifelong learning, and career exploration and development to the community of Las Cruces and Doña Ana County.  Community organizations, governmental offices, and local businesses and industries use the training services to provide customized education opportunities for their employees. 

Workforce Center
2345 E. Nevada Ave.

Las Cruces, NM
Phone: (575) 527-7776

Customized Training Program (CTP)

Our goal is to work with businesses, government, and non-profit agencies in Doña Ana County and southern New Mexico to provide professional and technical training for the workforce.  We work with employers to provide custom training programs that consider the unique needs of their workforce and the workforce of Doña Ana County. We identify specific training needs and goals and develop a custom training to address those needs.  We follow up with assessments to evaluate the effectiveness of the training.  Custom trainings can assist local employers in increasing employee satisfaction, reducing turnover, improving efficiency, and reducing costs.  Please call 575-527-7776 to discuss training for your employees or for more information.

Professional and Workforce Development Courses

Employees who continuously strive to enhance their skills and abilities are more likely to earn promotions and better opportunities.  WDCR offers several certificates and courses where professionals can gain new skills or develop the ones they have.  WDCR offers non-credit training programs in the health, business, computer, and trades and manufacturing sectors. These training programs prepare participants for national industry certifications and licenses. Online training course are offered in partnership with Ed2go and courses can be found at or call for more information.

Lifelong Learning and Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Lifelong learning is the continuous act of learning throughout a lifetime. WDCR, in partnership with Doña Ana Community College, offers a variety of professional and personal development courses.  In addition, Continuing Education Units opportunities are offered in partnership with DACC faculty and online education providers.  Contact the appropriate department if your office or clinic requires assistance with continuing education units.

Youth Programs

Spring Break and summer programs are available through the Kids College and Career Camps. The programs focus on early career exploration and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) topics. Please visit the website for more information (

Academy for Learning in Retirement

The Academy for Learning in Retirement provides educational opportunities for seniors.  The program is offered in the spring and fall semesters and consists of monthly lecture series on current issues and topics.  The fee for each presentation is $4 for members and $5 for non-members.  The annual fee for membership is $5.  Please visit for more information or email

Career Services

The mission of career services at DACC is to assist students in reaching their personal and professional career goals.  Services include career exploration and planning, job skills trainings, internships and other work-based learning opportunities, assistance with job searching and application documents, and connection to social services.  These resources are available at no charge to credit and non-credit students.  For more information about Career Services, please contact 575-527-7776 or visit

CDL Skills Exams

WDCR administers the skills exam for the Class A, Class B, and Class C commercial licenses.  Drivers must provide their own properly insured and licensed vehicle for the exam, and they must have a current regular driver’s license (D), current commercial learner’s permit, and current medical card.  The exams can usually be scheduled about a week from the time you register.  The exam costs $200, and can be paid by cash, money order, or credit card.  Please call 575-528-7092 to schedule your skills test or for more information.

Please visit our website, or call the office 575-527-7776 for updates and additional information about truck driving training.

Truck Driving Academy

DACC WDCR commercial truck driving program prepares participants to drive commercial trucks, semi tractor-trailers, and other Class A and Class B vehicles. Students prepare for the written exam and the driving skills portion of the CDL. The program assists students with employment skills, including financial skills, job search and job placement. The CDL program is seven weeks with 104 classroom hours and 44 BTW drive hours for each student. A maximum of 4 students per course. Please visit our website,, or call the office (575) 527-7776 for updates and additional information about truck driving training.