Student Services Offered at DACC

DACC Welcome and Orientation

Orientation will provide the tools and information to make your transition to DACC as easy as possible. Students will attend in person or complete a course online, set up an appointment with an academic advisor, and register for classes. Not only will you learn more about DACC and the resources available here, but you will also meet new friends and discover that DACC is a supportive and caring community. For information, please contact the orientation coordinator at (575) 527-7536 or via email at

Services for Students with Disabilities

The Student Accessibility Services (SAS) at DACC coordinates accommodations for qualified students under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA, 1990) and section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. This program may not be able to meet all needs and requests; however, a reasonable effort will be made to facilitate physical and programmatic access. To provide quality services, SAS procedures include self-identification of persons with disabilities and determination of their eligibility for services. Students with disabilities must request services and provide appropriate documentation from public schools, agencies, physicians, psychologists, and/or other qualified diagnosticians.

Qualified students may receive the following forms of free assistance/accommodations: sign-language interpreters, note-taking assistance, readers, enlarged print, E-text, audio text, computer/software adaptations, alternative keyboards, accessible furniture, priority registration, and referral and liaison for many of these services.

More information may be obtained from the SAS office on the Espina Campus, DASH 117 (575) 527-7548. Students also may contact the East Mesa SAS office, DASR 104A (575) 527-7548, or the student services specialists at the Gadsden Center (575) 882-6809 or the Sunland Park Center (575) 874-7787.

Tutoring/Academic Readiness Center (ARC) Services

Tutoring/ARC Services provide free assistance to students. Our CRLA certified tutors and professionals work diligently and skillfully to assist you in becoming successful, confident, and active learners. Workshops are offered in mulitiple academic areas, in -person and online. Free tutoring is available for enrolled students through the Academic Readiness Centers (ARC) located at the East Mesa Campus, Espina Campus, and Gadsden and Sunland Park centers. To utilize these services or to obtain additional information, please visit or call us at:

  • Las Cruces East Mesa Campus, DAAR 201, phone (575) 528-7275
  • Las Cruces Espina Campus, DASH 116, phone (575) 527-7575
  • Gadsden Center, DAGC 104, phone (575) 882-6806
  • Sunland Park Center, DASP 107, phone (575) 874-7806

Library Services

DACC Library upholds the mission of the college by providing excellent educational and research resources and expert service for a diverse community of learners in support of academic interests, workforce development, economic growth, and lifelong learning. The DACC Library serves current DACC students, faculty, and staff; and also Doña Ana County residents.

The DACC Library has two full service locations: one on the Las Cruces Espina campus in the Learning Resources Building and one on the Las Cruces East Mesa campus in the Academic Resources Building, DAAR 203. Limited services are also available at the Sunland Park and Gadsden centers. The Espina and East Mesa libraries have great natural lighting and many windows with study tables beside them. In addition to the library’s physical collection, these are also available in the libraries: computers, copiers, printers, scanners, anatomical skeletons, whiteboards, and study rooms. See the library website for current hours of operation and contact information. Helpful library staff are present at all locations.

The library website provides access to the library's electronic collections: a wide variety of electronic databases and web-based resources. These resources are accessible on and off campus and include articles, eBooks, streaming videos, audio recordings, Research Guides, and more.

The DACC Library shares an online library catalog with all NMSU campus libraries. Delivery service among the campuses is quick, and students can pick up materials from their most convenient location. Interlibrary loan services are available for materials not owned by DACC or NMSU libraries.

The college ID serves as a library card for checking out books, which are loaned for three weeks, and audiovisual materials, which are loaned for one week. Extended loan periods are available to Crimson Scholars.

Student Computer Access

DACC has more than 1,500 computers for student use. Most are located in classrooms, where they are integrated into the teaching process. Additionally, all DACC campuses and centers have open computer laboratories, affording access to the internet, Microsoft, Adobe and Autodesk applications, NMSU web applications such as email and Canvas, and numerous other applications in support of curriculum and classroom software.

Wireless network access is provided at all DACC campuses and centers.

During the fall and spring semesters, hours for open computer labs are as follows.

  • Espina (575) 527-7561 and East Mesa campuses (575) 528-7265: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday, and 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday; closed Sunday.
  • Gadsden (575) 882-6802 and Sunland Park (575) 874-7783 centers: 8 a.m. to 9:45 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. Friday, and 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday; closed Sunday.
  • Chaparral Center (575) 824-2000: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday; closed Saturday and Sunday.

These schedules are subject to change. Current hours of operation for all campuses and centers are posted on the Web at

Books and Supplies

Unless noted otherwise, students are responsible for buying their own textbooks, routine school supplies, and personal items. The DACC bookstore is managed by Follett and is located in the Academic Resources (DAAR) building Room 102 on the East Mesa Campus. It is arranged for self-service, with textbooks displayed by department, course number, and section number. The DACC Bookstore only carries textbooks for courses offered at DACC and does not carry textbooks for NMSU Main, Alamogordo, Carlsbad or Grants campus. With the exception of Grants campus, all branches of NMSU have their own campus bookstores which carry books for their specific campus or books can be ordered from the bookstore website. In addition to textbooks, the bookstore sells calculators, educational supplies, and other types of merchandise.

For current bookstore hours or other information, call (575) 528-7253 or visit

DACC Bookstore Integrated Services Program

Effective Fall 2022 DACC will begin a new integrated books/materials program for all classes.  In partnership with the DACC bookstore, we will be providing all required course material needed in your classes for a flat $24 per credit hour.  Students will be able to pick up or access all needed print or electronic textbooks and learning materials without paying anything more out of pocket on the first day of class. Students wishing to opt out of this program for the semester and purchase materials on their own will be given the opportunity to do so before the start of the Fall term.  You will find information on this program in your canvas courses.

Student Technology Rentals

Students can rent Laptops, Projectors, Cameras, and iPads on a semester basis.  Rentals are only conducted by appointment and information can be found at:

DACC XCITE iPad Program

New incoming full-time DACC freshman students enrolled in a DACC major may be eligible to receive a free iPad to support their technology and learning needs at DACC.  Information on this program will be provided at new student orientation.  For information about DACC admissions and orientation go to

Student Government/Student Activities

The Student Government Association of Doña Ana Community College is the dynamic and responsive Association representing DACC students, and the organizations in which they participate. Through annual campus-wide elections, students run for office and vote for their chosen representatives. Student activities and events serve as the foundation for enhanced learning and leadership development through educational and social activities,  and programs.

Though representative of all campus locations, the Student Government Association is located on the East Mesa Campus in DAEM 212. For more information, call (575) 528-7618 or visit

Campus Security

Security staff is available to all students, faculty, and staff at the various DACC locations. If you have a security issue, need an escort, or require a guard for safety purposes, do not hesitate to call (575) 527-7777 from any DACC campus or center.

For more information, visit

Citywide Transit/Bus Services

DACC Full-Time students are eligible to receive a free DACC U-Pass card.  This pass allows students to utilize RoadRunner Transit for free during the applicable semester.  Students must be enrolled for 6 credits during the summer or 12 credits for the fall or spring semester to qualify.

DACC Part-Time students (taking at least 3 credits) can purchase a DACC U-Pass card for $15.  

RoadRunner transit has routes throughout Las Cruces including a route that can take students from University Avenue to the DACC East Mesa Campus at 30-minute intervals. Details about the route schedules can be found on the City of Las Cruces Transit website:

To receive your DACC U-Pass card, students must bring their student ID to one of the following locations:

  • DACC East Mesa Campus Cashier’s Office – DASR Building Room 102. Phone (575) 527-7516; Office Hours: 8:00am – 4:30pm M-F
  • NMSU Parking Department – 1400 E. University (corner of Jordan St.) inside the NMSU Bookstore.  Phone (575) 646-1839; Office Hours: 8:00am – 4:30pm M-F

Ben Archer Health Center

Ben Archer operates a School Based Health Center (SBHC) at the DACC Espina Campus. Medical services and mental health counseling is available to students, staff, and families. The SBHC is located at Alex Sanchez Hall (DASH) in Room 83. Services available at this site include:

  • Sick Visits
  • Sports Physicals
  • Stress Management
  • Adjustment Issues
  • Reproductive Health
  • Labs
  • Nutrition
  • Chronic/Acute Illness Care
  • Attention and Concentration
  • Relaxation Skills
  • School Stress
  • Relational Conflict
  • Substance and Alcohol
  • Grief and Loss
  • Asthma Education
  • Individual, Group, &Family Therapy
  • Career Counseling

Regular Clinic hours are 8:15am – 4:15pm M-F.