Veteran Students

DACC degree and certificate programs are approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs (state approving agency) for enrollment of persons eligible to receive veteran education benefits.

For further information concerning approved programs and the application process, eligible persons should contact the DACC Veterans Program Office (V.A. Office), located in Room 111 of the DASR Building on the East Mesa Campus (575) 528-7081.

RESPONSIBILITY OF VETERAN STUDENTS. Students must be pursuing a degree or certificate in a specific program to be eligible to receive benefits. Admission procedures for veterans and other eligible persons are the same as those for all students. Degree plans from academic advisors must be submitted prior to any verification. For continued certification, students must submit an updated degree plan, registration document, and detailed class schedule to the DACC V.A. Office each semester. Any veteran or dependent receiving benefits who earns a punitive grade may be liable for over payment.

Veterans must notify the DACC V.A. Office when any one of the following occurs:

  1. Dropping or adding course(s)
  2. Withdrawing from course(s)
  3. Discontinuing regular class attendance
  4. Changing programs (academic majors)

V.A. educational benefits are payable for regular attendance in courses that are part of the veteran’s program (major) curriculum. V.A. educational benefits are not payable for:

  1. Classes not attended regularly
  2. Classes that are dropped
  3. Repeat of a course for which a passing grade was received
  4. Classes for which credit is received through successful completion of a proficiency test or grade by examination
  5. Classes taken on an audit basis
  6. Classes taken that are not part of the veteran’s program (major) curriculum