HVAC/R - Certificate of Completion

Important information about the educational debt, earnings, and completion rates of students who attend this program can be found on the following https://dacc.nmsu.edu/gainfulemployment/.

(42 credits)

The following curriculum is designed for students who choose the certificate option in HVAC/R. The certificate program requires approximately a year and a half to complete.

NOTE: A final grade of C or better is required in all required HVAC courses.

Related Requirements
OETS 102Career Readiness Certification Preparation1
OETS 103Technical Career Skills4
Technical Requirements
HVAC 100EPA Clean Air Act: Section 608 11
HVAC 101Fundamentals of Refrigeration4
HVAC 102Fundamentals of Electricity4
HVAC 103Electrical and Mechanical Controls I4
HVAC 113Job Shadowing1
HVAC 205Commercial Refrigeration Systems4
HVAC 207Residential Air Conditioning Systems4
HVAC 209Residential Heating Systems4
HVAC 210Commercial Air Conditioning and Heating Systems4
HVAC 211Heat Pump Systems4
HVAC 213Practicum3
Total Credits42

A fee of $55 is required for study guide and testing; must pass Type 1 and Type 2 tests.