Environmental and Energy Technologies - Associate of Applied Science

(67-68 credits)

NOTE: Students must achieve at least a cumulative grade-point average of 2.0 with a final grade of C or better in ENGL 111G Rhetoric and Composition and all required TCEN courses.

Students must complete all University degree requirements, which include: General Education requirements and elective credits to total at least 67-68 credits. Developmental coursework will not count towards the degree requirements and/or elective credits, but may be needed in order to take the necessary English and Mathematics coursework.

Prefix Title Credits
General Education
Select one course from four of the following six content areas for a total of 12-14 credits 1, 212-14
This degree requires courses from Areas I, II, III and IV; students do not need to take additional courses to complete the General Education requirements.
Area I: Communications
Rhetoric and Composition 34
Area II: Mathematics
College Algebra 33
Area III: Laboratory Sciences
Principles and Applications of Chemistry 34
General Chemistry I
Area IV: Social/Behavioral Sciences
Introduction to Economics 33
Area V: Humanities
Area VI: Creative and Fine Arts
General Education Elective
ENGL 218GTechnical and Scientific Communication 33
COMM 265GPrinciples of Human Communication 33
or COMM 253G Public Speaking
Core Requirements
General Physics I
and General Physics I Laboratory 3
Related Requirements
OETS 102Career Readiness Certification Preparation1
Select 3 credits from the following:3
Computer Literacy 33
Introduction to Information Technology3
Spreadsheet Applications1-3
Major Requirements
Technical Requirements
BCT 101Introduction to Construction I2
BCT 102Introduction to Construction II2
BCT 217Building and the Environment3
or ARCT 124 Global Issues and Sustainability
DRFT 151Construction Principles and Print Reading3-4
or BCT 110 Blueprint Reading for Building Trades
ELT 105Basic Electricity and Electronics3
TCEN 101Energy for the Next Generation3
TCEN 105Building Analyst I3
TCEN 106Building Analyst II3
TCEN 110Photovoltaic Application4
TCEN 156Building Envelope3
TCEN 205NEC for Alternative Energy4
Electives, to bring the total credits to 67
Select 6 credits from the following:6
Computer Drafting Fundamentals3
General Building Codes3
Introduction to Construction Laboratory3
Total Credits67-68