Diagnostic Medical Sonography - Certificate of Completion

Important information about the educational debt, earnings, and completion rates of students who attend this program can be found on the following https://dacc.nmsu.edu/gainfulemployment/.

Special Admissions Criteria for Certificate Track

This is a limited-entry program accepting students only in the fall semester. Criteria and factors used in evaluating applicants include the following:

  • Completion of either
    • (a) an associate degree in an allied health program which is medically related and involves human-patient care (proof of current certification in ones' allied health area is required), OR
    • (b) a bachelor's degree in a related field that includes at least one semester of anatomy & physiology.
  • Overall GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • College-level course in algebra (MATH 121G College Algebra or equivalent)
  • College-level course in general physics or radiographic physics or introductory physics for the health sciences or equivalent.

(Certificate 56 credits)

NOTE: All of the courses in this program relate to each other and to the clinical internship and cannot be taken individually.

Prefix Title Credits
Core Requirements
MATH 121GCollege Algebra3
PHYS 211GGeneral Physics I 13
or PHYS 210 Introductory Physics for the Health Sciences
or RADT 105 Radiographic Physics and Equipment
Technical Requirements
DMS 100Introduction to Clinical Practicum1
DMS 101Introduction Sonography/Patient Care2
DMS 130Pelvic Sonography1
DMS 130 LPelvic Sonography Lab1
DMS 140Abdominal Sonography3
DMS 140 LAbdominal Sonography Lab1
DMS 150Sonographic Principles and Instrumentation I1
DMS 1601st Trimester Obstetric Sonography1
DMS 1652nd/3rd Trimester Obstetric Sonography1
DMS 170Clinical Practicum I2
DMS 180Clinical Practicum II5
DMS 201Applied Sonographic Procedures1
DMS 226Sonographic Case Studies I1
DMS 227Sonographic Case Studies II1
DMS 230Gynecologic Pathology2
DMS 240Abdominal Pathology I2
DMS 245Abdominal Pathology II2
DMS 248Pediatric Sonography2
DMS 250Sonographic Principles and Instrumentation II3
DMS 260High Risk Obstetric Sonography3
DMS 290Small Parts & Superficial Structures2
DMS 270Clinical Practicum III5
DMS 280Clinical Practicum IV5
DMS 291Registry Preparation: OB/GYN1
DMS 292Registry Preparation: Abdomen1
Total Credits56

Course Fees

In addition to tuition, a fee of $200 is charged for each of the following courses: DMS 170, DMS 180, DMS 270, DMS 280.

Prefix Title Credits
DMS 170Clinical Practicum I2
DMS 180Clinical Practicum II5
DMS 270Clinical Practicum III5
DMS 280Clinical Practicum IV5