Aerospace Technology - Associate of Applied Science

(70 credits)

NOTE: Not all General Education ('G') courses listed below are taught at DACC. Please check DACC's current schedule for actual course offerings.

Students must complete all University degree requirements, which include: General Education requirements and elective credits to total at least 70 credits. Developmental coursework will not count towards the degree requirements and/or elective credits, but may be needed in order to take the necessary English and Mathematics coursework.

Prefix Title Credits
General Education Requirements
Choose one course from four of the following six content areas for a total of 12-14 credits 1, 212-14
This degree requires courses from Areas I, III, IV and V; students do not need to take any additional General Education courses to meet the requirement
Area I: Communications
Rhetoric and Composition 34
Area II: Mathematics
Area III: Laboratory Sciences
Select one of the following:
General Physics I
and General Physics I Laboratory
Engineering Physics I
and Engineering Physics I Laboratory 3
Area IV: Social/Behavioral Sciences
Introduction to Psychology 33
Introductory Sociology
Area V: Humanities
Select one of the following:
Perspectives on Literature 33
Perspectives on Film 33
Introduction to Creative Writing 33
Literature and Culture 33
Roots of Modern Europe 33
Modern Europe 33
Making History 33
Global History to 1500 33
Global History Since 1500 33
Introduction to Early American History 33
Introduction to Recent American History 33
East Asia to 1600 33
East Asia since 1600 33
Islamic Civilizations to 1800 33
Islamic Civilizations since 1800 33
Philosophy, Law and Ethics 33
The Art of Wondering 33
Philosophy of Music 33
The Quest for God 33
Introduction to Philosophy 33
Informal Logic 33
Ethics 33
General Education Elective
ENGL 203GBusiness and Professional Communication 33
or ENGL 218G Technical and Scientific Communication
Core Requirements
MATH 190GTrigonometry and Precalculus (transfer track) 34
or ELT 120 Mathematics for Electronics
Technical Requirements 4
ELT 105Basic Electricity and Electronics3
MAT 105Introduction to Manufacturing3
MAT 102Print Reading for Industry3
MAT 106Applied Manufacturing Practices3
MAT 110Machine Operation and Safety3
AERT 121Introduction to the Aerospace Workplace4
or AERT 105 Aerospace Engineering PLTW
AERT 122Aerospace Safety and Quality3
ELT 110Electronics I4
MAT 240Electromechanical Devices4
AERT 212Materials and Processes (Basic Metallurgy)3
or WELD 120 Basic Metallurgy
AERT 213Aerospace Fluid Systems3
AERT 214Aerospace Systems3
AERT 221Inspection Requirements and Planning Metrology3
MAT 245Electromechanical Systems3
AERT 224Aerospace Tests and Measurements3
OETS 102Career Readiness Certification Preparation1
Total Credits70