Diagnostic Medical Sonography - Associate of Applied Science


Associate Degree Track

This is a limited-entry program accepting students only in the fall semester. Criteria and factors used in evaluating applicants include the following:

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Completion of all *pre-requisites with an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher
    • Courses "In-Progress" at the time of application are accepted
  • County of residence

The following courses will receive application points as follows: A = 10 pts, B = 5 pts, C = 2 pts


  • *Students should receive a B or better in CHEM and BIOL pre-requisites to be a viable candidate for the DMS program.
  • There are restrictions on repeating courses with a grade of C or lower.  See program director for details.

(Associate Degree 74 credits)

NOTE: Application Deadline is April 1

Students must complete all University degree requirements, which include: General Education requirements and elective credits to total at least 74 credits. Developmental coursework will not count towards the degree requirements and/or elective credits, but may be needed in order to take the necessary English and Mathematics coursework.

Prefix Title Credits
General Education
Select one course from four of the following six content areas for a total of 12-14 credits 1, 212-14
This degree requires courses from Areas I, II, III, and IV; students do not need to take additional courses to complete the General Education requirements.
Area I: Communications
Rhetoric and Composition (DMS Program Prerequisite) 34
Area II: Mathematics
College Algebra (DMS Program Prerequisite)3
Area III: Laboratory Science
Principles and Applications of Chemistry (DMS Program Prerequisite) 3, 44
General Chemistry I
Area IV: Social/Behavioral Sciences
Introduction to Psychology 3, 53
Contemporary Social Problems
Area V: Humanities
Area VI: Creative and Fine Arts
General Education Elective
Choose one from the following:3
Technical and Scientific Communication 3, 53
Public Speaking 3, 53
Principles of Human Communication 3, 53
Core Requirements
BIOL 225Human Anatomy and Physiology I (DMS Program Prerequisite) 3, 44
Choose one from the following:3
General Physics I (DMS Program Prerequisite) 33
Introductory Physics for the Health Sciences (DMS Program Prerequisite) 33
Radiographic Physics and Equipment (DMS Program Prerequisite) 33
Related Requirements
The following courses are not required for the Associates degree; however, the courses will strengthen study skills or increase knowledge that will be beneficial as a sonography student. Courses completed or are in progress at the time of application will receive bonus points toward the application as follows:
BONUS POINTS: A = 10 pts, B = 5 pts, C = 2 pts
Human Anatomy and Physiology II 34
Pathophysiology 33
BONUS POINTS: A = 5 pts, B = 3 pts
Statistics for Business and the Behavioral Sciences 33
Medical Terminology3
Introduction to Medical Terminology
Computer Literacy 13
Fundamentals of Information Literacy and Systems
Major Requirements
Technical Requirements
DMS 100Introduction to Clinical Practicum1
DMS 101Introduction Sonography/Patient Care2
DMS 130Pelvic Sonography1
DMS 130 LPelvic Sonography Lab1
DMS 140Abdominal Sonography3
DMS 140 LAbdominal Sonography Lab1
DMS 150Sonographic Principles and Instrumentation I1
DMS 1601st Trimester Obstetric Sonography1
DMS 1652nd/3rd Trimester Obstetric Sonography1
DMS 170Clinical Practicum I2
DMS 180Clinical Practicum II5
DMS 201Applied Sonographic Procedures1
DMS 226Sonographic Case Studies I1
DMS 227Sonographic Case Studies II1
DMS 230Gynecologic Pathology2
DMS 240Abdominal Pathology I2
DMS 245Abdominal Pathology II2
DMS 248Pediatric Sonography2
DMS 250Sonographic Principles and Instrumentation II3
DMS 260High Risk Obstetric Sonography3
DMS 290Small Parts & Superficial Structures2
DMS 270Clinical Practicum III5
DMS 280Clinical Practicum IV5
DMS 291Registry Preparation: OB/GYN1
DMS 292Registry Preparation: Abdomen1
Total Credits74

Selection Criteria

Completion of pre-requisite courses DOES NOT guarantee acceptance into the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program.  Selection for the program utilizes a point system as well as a comprehensive evaluation of the student's overall strengths related to the essential qualifications, competencies, and functions of the professional diagnostic medical sonographer.

Selection for acceptance incorporates two phases.

Phase I

Phase I points are awarded in pre-requisite and related courses as indicated above as well as scoring on the ATI TEAS exam.

Relevant field experience and/or professional credentials may qualify for additional bonus points.  See program website for details https://dacc.nmsu.edu/dms/diagnostic-sonography-program-admission-process/


The program utilizes the most current version of the TEAS exam. Candidates must achieve an individual total score of at least 60% to remain a candidate of the DMS program. Scores are valid for 5 years with a restriction of 1 attempt per year allowed by the program. The program considers the applicants' ranking adjusted to the AH CATEGORY R when awarding TEAS points for overall performance as well as performance in subcategories of reading, math, science, and language.

Phase II

Phase II is for applicants who have scored very well in Phase I and on the TEAS exam.  Phase II is by invitation only and is conducted in an interview format to identify personal strengths and/or weaknesses related to essential qualifications, competencies, and functions for professional diagnostic medical sonographers.

Application packets are available at the program orientation meetings.  See website for orientation schedule https://dacc.nmsu.edu/dms/program-orientation/

Course Fees

In addition to tuition, a fee of $200 is charged for each of the following courses: DMS 170, DMS 180, DMS 270 and DMS 280.

Prefix Title Credits
DMS 170Clinical Practicum I2
DMS 180Clinical Practicum II5
DMS 270Clinical Practicum III5
DMS 280Clinical Practicum IV5