Dental Hygiene - Associate of Applied Science

(70 credits)

NOTE: Students must receive a final grade of C (75%) or higher to remain in the program. Clinical courses have additional requirements that must be met in addition to the grade of C (75%).

Core Requirements
COMM 253GPublic Speaking 13
or COMM 265G Principles of Human Communication
PSY 201GIntroduction to Psychology 13
SOC 101GIntroductory Sociology 13
Technical Requirements 2
DHYG 110Preclinical Dental Hygiene3
DHYG 112Preclinical Dental Hygiene Lab3
DHYG 114Oral Histology and Embryology2
DHYG 116Head and Neck Anatomy3
DHYG 117Dental Anatomy2
DHYG 118Dental Radiology3
DHYG 120Dental Hygiene Theory I3
DHYG 122Clinical Dental Hygiene I3
DHYG 124General and Oral Pathology3
DHYG 126Periodontology3
DHYG 132Clinical Dental Hygiene II2
DHYG 134Dental Materials3
DHYG 210Dental Hygiene Theory III2
DHYG 212Clinical Dental Hygiene III4
DHYG 214Dental Pharmacology3
DHYG 215Medical and Dental Emergencies2
DHYG 217Research Methodology2
DHYG 218Pain and Anxiety Management2
DHYG 219Pain and Anxiety Management Clinical1
DHYG 220Dental Hygiene Theory IV3
DHYG 222Clinical Dental Hygiene IV4
DHYG 224Principles of Practice2
DHYG 225Dental Public Health Education3
Total Credits70

Courses are identical to those offered at New Mexico State University Las Cruces (main) Campus.


All DHYG classes are restricted to students who have been accepted into the Dental Hygiene program.