Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement - Associate of Criminal Justice

NOTE: All courses listed under “Core Requirements” and “Major Requirements” may be applied toward a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice at NMSU.

(66 credits)

Core Requirements
Select 3 credits from the following:
College/Life Success3
The Freshman Year Experience 13
Area I: Communications courses 210
Area II: Mathematics/Algebra courses3
Area III: Laboratory Science courses8
Area IV: Social/Behavioral Sciences courses 36-9
Area V: Humanities and Fine Arts courses 36-9
Major Requirements
C J 101GIntroduction to Criminal Justice 13
C J 205Criminal Law 13
C J 210The American Law Enforcement System 13
C J 221Fundamentals of Criminal Investigation 13
C J 230Introduction to Corrections 13
C J 250Courts and the Criminal Justice System 13
Approved electives 9
Total Credits66

Courses are identical to those offered at New Mexico State University Las Cruces (main) Campus.


One course must be ENGL 111G Rhetoric and Composition


Student must have an least nine credits in either Area IV or Area V.  NOTE: When selecting courses for each of the areas listed above, follow "The New Mexico General Education Common Core" guidelines.