POLS 1110G. Introduction to Political Science

3 Credits (3)

This course covers fundamental concepts in political science, such as political theories, ideologies, and government systems.

POLS 1111. Introductory Government Seminar

1 Credit (1)

Introduction to the government major. Designed to assist students in planning college experience and preparing for professional or advanced educational opportunities upon graduation. Graded: S/U. Restricted to: Main campus only.

POLS 1120G. American National Government

3 Credits (3)

This course explains the role of American national government, its formation and principles of the Constitution; relation of state to the national government; political parties and their relationship to interest groups. This course also explains the structure of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches.

POLS 1130G. Issues in American Politics

3 Credits (3)

This course is designed to introduce the students to the contemporary study of American political issues. The course analysis of government policies, examining various approaches to the economy, democracy and the structure and the function of American political institutions.

POLS 2120G. International Relations

3 Credits (3)

This course covers the analysis of significant factors in world politics, including nationalism, national interest, political economy, ideology, international conflict and collaboration, balance of power, deterrence, international law, and international organization.

POLS 2996. Special Topics

3 Credits (3)

Specific topics to be announced in Schedule of Classes. Community Colleges only. May be repeated for a maximum of 12 credits.