FWCE 109. Contemporary Issues in Wildlife and Natural Resources Management

3 Credits

Ecological, socioeconomic, and political issues surrounding the management of our natural resources with an emphasis on fish and wildlife resources.

FWCE 110G. Introduction to Natural Resources Management

4 Credits (3+2P)

This class covers historical and current issues affecting the management of renewable natural resources with an emphasis on water, soil, rangeland, forest, fish, and wildlife resources. An emphasis is placed on the scientific method and critical thinking. In the laboratory students collect and analyze field data on topics covered above and write up each unit as a laboratory report.

FWCE 255. Principles of Fish and Wildlife Management

3 Credits

Basic principles of fish and wildlife management including history, ecology, economics, and policy. Emphasis on wildlife and fisheries. Uses an ecosystem approach integrating living and nonliving resources.

Prerequisite(s): FWCE 110.