COMM 253G. Public Speaking

3 Credits

Principles of effective public speaking, with emphasis on preparing and delivering well-organized, logical, and persuasive arguments adapted to different audiences.

COMM 265G. Principles of Human Communication

3 Credits

Study and practice of interpersonal, small group, and presentational skills essential to effective social, business, and professional interaction.

COMM 285. Survey of Communication Theory

3 Credits

Exploration of major theories, concepts and methods of research in the study of human communication. Primarily for majors.

COMM 290. Independent Study

1-3 Credits

Individualized, self-paced projects for students with a special interest in communication topics. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 credits.

Prerequisites: COMM 265G and sophomore standing.

COMM 291. Special Topics

1-3 Credits

Specific subjects and credits to be announced in the Schedule of Classes. May be repeated for a maximum of 12 credits.