BFIN 2110. Introduction to Finance

3 Credits (3)

Introduces tools and techniques of financial management. Includes time value of money; financial planning, diversification and risk; debt and equity investment decisions; and financial statement analysis.

Prerequisite(s): OATS 106 or higher; OATS 120 or ACCT 2110; ECON 1110G or ECON 2110G.

Learning Outcomes
  1. Explain the time value of money and its application in decision-making, including calculating present and future values of single payment and series of payments.
  2. Identify the major sources of external long-term financing for corporations.
  3. Explain risk-return tradeoff as it relates to diversification.
  4. Differentiate the role of finance from other related disciplines such as accounting and economics.
  5. Demonstrate knowledge of capital markets and securities (debt and equity).
  6. Describe basic types of financial ratios and their uses.
  7. Demonstrate the ability to prepare cash flows and make qualitative judgments on the relevance of the changes from one time frame to another.

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