AERO 121. The Air Force Today I

2 Credits (1.25+2P)

Survey course on the USAF and AFROTC. Includes mission and organization of the Air Force, officer ship and professionalism, military customs and courtesies, as well as basic communication skills. Leadership Lab practicum, AERO 000 is included.

AERO 122. The Air Force Today II

2 Credits (1.25+2P)

Continuation of AERO 121, with emphasis on Air Force officer opportunities, group leadership problems, and further development of communication skills (oral and written). Includes Leadership Lab practicum, AERO 000.

AERO 221. The Air Force Way I

2 Credits (1.25+2P)

Topics include: Air Force heritage, Air Force leaders, an introduction to ethics and values, and an application of communication skills. Facilitates the transition from Air Force ROTC cadet to Air Force ROTC candidate. Includes Leadership Lab practicum, AERO ClOD.

AERO 222. The Air Force Way II

2 Credits (1.25+2P)

Continuation of AERO 221, including an introduction to leadership, quality Air Force, and continued application of communication skills. Includes Leadership Lab practicum, AERO 000.

AERO 223. Air Force Leadership Development

1 Credit

This course prepares cadets to excel in field training. Cadets are prepared in all facets of field training, including: leadership competency evaluations, the Cadet’s Guide to Field Training, individual drill evaluations, attention to detail, dining hall procedures, maintenance of living areas, and the group problem solving process. Restricted to: Main campus only.