ENGL 111 M. Rhetoric and Composition for International and Multilingual Students

4 Credits (4)

For international and multilingual students. Students will build on your prior knowledge of writing in English as a second or additional language by engaging in several genres of writing and reading, including reading responses, discussion posts, formal academic papers (Rhetorical Analysis and Documented Argument), and peer review. Your instructor and classmates will serve as your readers and will give you helpful and constructive criticism, which will in turn assist you in becoming a more fluent and engaging communicator in English. Fulfills English 111 Gen-ed requirement. Restricted to Las Cruces campus only.

Prerequisite(s): CBT/PB score of 500, or IBT score of 61, or SPCD 110, or consent of instructor.

ENGL 111G. Rhetoric and Composition

4 Credits (4)

Skills and methods used in writing university-level essays.

Prerequisite(s): ACT standard score in English of 16 or higher or a Compass score 76 or higher; for those scoring 13-15 in English on the ACT or 35-75 on the Compass, successful completion of a developmental writing course; for those scoring 12 or below on the ACT standard score in English or 34 or below on the Compass, successful completion of two developmental writing courses.

ENGL 111GH. Rhetoric and Composition Honors

4 Credits (4)

Individualized assignments and independent study. Satisfies 4 credits of General Education English Composition requirement.

Prerequisite: ACT standard English score of 25 or higher and departmental approval.

ENGL 112. Rhetoric and Composition II

2 Credits (2)

A continuation of English 111G for those desiring more work in composition. Weekly themes based on outside reading.

Prerequisite: successful completion of ENGL 111G or the equivalent.

ENGL 115G. Perspectives on Literature

3 Credits (3)

Examines literature by writers from culturally diverse backgrounds and from different cultural and historical contexts. Explores various strategies of critical reading.

ENGL 116G. Perspectives on Film

3 Credits (3+3P)

Explores narrative and documentary film and examines significant developments in the history of cinema. Criticism of film as an art form, technical enterprise, business venture, and cultural phenomenon.

ENGL 203G. Business and Professional Communication

3 Credits (3)

Effective writing for courses and careers in business, law, government, and other professions. Strategies for researching and writing correspondence and reports, with an emphasis on understanding and responding to a variety of communication tasks with a strong purpose, clear organization, and vigorous professional style. May be repeated up to 3 credits.

Prerequisite(s): Grade of C- or better in ENGL 111G or SPCD 111G or ENGL 111 M.

ENGL 211G. Writing in the Humanities and Social Sciences

3 Credits (3)

Theory and practice in interpreting texts from various disciplines in the humanities and social sciences. Strategies for researching, evaluating, constructing, and writing researched arguments. Course subtitled in the Schedule of Classes. May be repeated up to 3 credits.

Prerequisite(s): Grade of C- or better in ENGL 111G or ENGL 111 M.

ENGL 218G. Technical and Scientific Communication

3 Credits (3)

Effective writing for courses and careers in sciences, engineering, and agriculture. Strategies for understanding and presenting technical information for various purposes to various audiences. May be repeated up to 3 credits.

Prerequisite(s): Grade of C- or better in ENGL 111G or ENGL 111M.

ENGL 220G. Introduction to Creative Writing

3 Credits (3)

Examines classic and contemporary literature in three genres. Various forms, terminologies, methods and technical aspects of each genre, and the art and processes of creative writing. May be repeated up to 3 credits.

Prerequisite(s): ENGL 111G or SPCD 111G or ENGL 111 M.

ENGL 232. Script Development and Storyboarding

3 Credits (3)

Examines effective writing principles for creating storyboards that communicate the overall picture of a project, timing, scene complexity, emotion and resource requirements. Crosslisted with: CMI 232.

ENGL 235. Narrative: Principles of Story Across the Media

3 Credits (3)

Examines the various strategies of written and visual storytelling, narrative structure and its principal components (plot, theme, character, imagery, symbolism, point of view) with an attempt to connect them to elements of contemporary forms of media expression, including screenwriting, playwriting, writing for documentaries and animation, etc. Crosslisted with: CMI 235

ENGL 243. The Bible as Literature

3 Credits (3)

Develops informed readings of Hebrew and Christian scriptures. Emphasizes understanding Biblical literary forms, techniques, themes; historical, cultural contexts for interpretation; authorship, composition, audience for individual books; development of Biblical canon.

ENGL 244G. Literature and Culture

3 Credits (3)

Intensive reading of and discussion and writing about selected masterpieces of world literature. Emphasizes cultural and historical contexts of readings to help students appreciate literary traditions. Core texts include works by Homer, Dante, and Shakespeare, a classic novel, an important non-Western work, and modern literature.

ENGL 251. Survey of American Literature I

3 Credits (3)

From the colonial period to the transcendentalists.

ENGL 252. Survey of American Literature II

3 Credits (3)

From Whitman to the present.

ENGL 263. History of Argument

3 Credits (3)

Investigates the major figures and movements in rhetoric from the classical period to modern rhetorical theory, examining relations between rhetorical teaching and practice, culture, epistemology, and ideology. Main campus only.

Prerequisite(s): ENGL 111G.

ENGL 271. Survey of English Literature I

3 Credits (3)

From Beowulf through the eighteenth century.

ENGL 272. Survey of English Literature II

3 Credits (3)

From the pre-Romantics to the present.

ENGL 299. Special Topics

1-3 Credits

Emphasis on a literary and/or writing subject chosen for the semester. Repeatable for a unlimited credit under different subtitles.