Computer Science

The Associate of Applied Science in Computer Science requires 60 credit hours of study including 29 credit hours of Computer Science. The AAS in CS prepares the student for employment in fields that necessitate critical thinking and computer programming skills. Upon completion, a graduate will be well-qualified for employment in a computer-oriented field. It is possible to transition to the NMSU BA or BS in Computer Science; however, students should review their desired program of study with the Computer Science Subject Matter Mentor.

Graduates of this program will:

  1. Apply the fundamental principles and methods of Computer Science to a wide range of applications and synthesize solutions for computational applications and strategies. 
  2. Analyze and implement computer structure, instruction execution, and memory addressing techniques.
  3. Develop computer programs in machine, assembly, and high-level programming languages.
  4. Apply advanced algorithmic and mathematical concepts to the design and analysis of computational problems and software.
  5. Design solutions and logical plans for the development of a software and implement all stages of a software design cycle, including documentation.
  6. Demonstrate how the ethical use of computers can promote accessibility and enhance outcomes for underserved communities.

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