The Associate of Science degree represents the completion of the first two years of several bachelor's degree programs related to the sciences. In order to be awarded an Associate of Science degree, the student must earn at least 16 credits in laboratory sciences and additional elective credits in Math and Science G courses or Engineering courses to meet 60 credits.

For easier transition into baccalaureate science majors at New Mexico State University, laboratory science and elective courses are recommended for the interest areas of Biology, Environmental Science, Geology, and Wildlife Science.

Graduates of this program will:

  1. Demonstrate proper use of laboratory equipment to collect relevant and quality data.
  2. Demonstrate mathematical techniques to evaluate and solve scientific problems.
  3. Evaluate the validity of information from a scientific perspective.
  4. Demonstrate effective communication, in a scientifically appropriate manner, about scientific ideas and topics, in oral and/or written formats.
  5. Carry out the scientific method to formulate questions, analyze information/data and draw conclusions.
  6. Demonstrate the ability to use techniques, skills, and scientific tools necessary for inquiry.

Arts and Sciences Division

New Mexico State University Alamogordo
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Division Head:
Dr. David C. MacWilliams

Administrative Assistant:
Theresa Chavez

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Pro-Tech 122C.