Cal, Mark P., Associate Campus Director; Vice President for Academic Affairs; Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering; Ph.D., P.E., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Cal, Mark P., Acting Vice President for Student Success
Salinas, Antonio, Vice President for Business and Finance; B.A., New Mexico State University

Academic Division Heads

Gregory Hillis, Career & Technology Division; M.S., Salve Regina University
David MacWilliams C., Arts & Sciences Division; Professor of English; Ph.D., University of North Carolina - Greensboro

Regular Faculty

Adams, John B., College Professor of Graphic Arts; B.F.A., Academy of Art College
Allred, Tanya, Professor of English; M.A. New Mexico State University
Chiovitti, Roseli Schultz, Associate Professor of Psychology; Ph.D., Indiana University
Cook, Susan, College Professor of Business and Business Office Technology; M.A. Troy State University
De Vargas, Sonja, College Associate Professor of German; M.A., University of New Mexico
Dehlavi, Alexander, College Assistant Professor of Information Technology, M.I.T., New Mexico State University
Delgado, Janet, College Associate Professor of Mathematics; M.S., New Mexico Highlands University
Fletcher, David, Assistant Professor of Mathematics; Ed.D., Texas Southern University
Gamage, Gihan, Assistant Professor of Physics; Ph.D., University of North Dakota
Grundhoffer, Elizabeth, Assistant Professor of English; M.A., New Mexico State University
Haley, John D., Professor of History; M.A., New Mexico State University
Hill, Joyce A., Director of Assessment; Professor of Education; Ph.D., New Mexico State University
Johnson, Daniel, Assistant Professor of Communications; M.A., Andrews University
Kamees, Larry, Assistant Professor of Biology; Ph.D., University of Arkansas
Lopez-Gallagher, Kim T., Professor of History and Government; M.A., St. John’s College
McGowan, Wayne, Professor of Chemistry; M.S., University of Denver
McHarness, Calvin, College Assistant Professor of Automotive and Hybrid Technology; A.A.S., New Mexico State University - Alamogordo
Noguez de la Cerda, Juan, Assistant Professor of Mathematics; M.S., University of California - Riverside
Overstreet, David, College Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice; J.D., University of Alabama
Peterson, Ronald, College Assistant Professor of Computer Science; M.S., University of California - Los Angeles
Ross, Becky, Director, Allied Health; Assistant Professor of Nursing; M.S.N., New Mexico State University
Ross, Theresa, College Assistant Professor of Nursing; Ph.D., Capella University
Trapp, Christine L., College Associate Professor of Biology; Ph.D., University of California-Davis
Villaverde, Gloria A., Associate Professor of Biology; Ph.D., University of Texas - El Paso
Villegas Arguelles, Rossana, College Associate Professor of Engineering Technology; Ph.D., University of Texas - El Paso
Wheeler, Sherrell, Director of  Online Quality Assurance; Professor of Business; M.A., West Texas A&M University