Course Placement

Course Placement for Math, English and Reading

At the time of registration, the academic skill level of all entering first-time students is evaluated using optional ACT and/or SAT scores or high school performance and in-house testing. Advisors will assist students in determining the best sequence of courses to meet their academic goals. More information about placement can be found at Placement methodology and scoring are subject to change, and scores are valid for one year.

Developmental Courses in Math - For students without Math placement information, the NMSU Mathematics Placement Exam (MPE) is used to determine appropriate MATH course placement. Any entering student may choose to take the MPE in an effort to place into a higher level math course than was indicated by the student’s ACT/SAT score(s)and high school GPA. Students must complete all prerequisite math courses, as listed in the catalog, or obtain an override with appropriate approvals.

Developmental Courses in English, Reading and Writing - For students without ENGL placement information, the Accuplacer exam or an in-house English placement exam is used to determine appropriate ENGL course placement.  Based on the score received, students may be placed into the appropriate developmental English course or courses in Reading and/or Writing before enrolling in ENGL 1110G Composition I.