Student Organizations & Activities

The Vice President for Student Success advises and assists in the coordination of activities and events sponsored by student organizations. Activity approvals and contracts for these events are processed by this office as well as student organization chartering.

Allied Health Student Association (AHSA) - AHSA was chartered in 2017.  The organization's goals are to provide programs representative of fundamental interests and concerns to allied health students and to aid in the development of the whole person, including his/her professional role, his/her responsibility for health care of people in all walks of life.

Advocates for Children and Education (ACE) - ACE was chartered in 2009. The organization’s purpose is to further professional interest in education and to strengthen student and professional training through experience outside the classroom and in the local community. All current NMSU and NMSU-A students interested in educational issues are welcome. There are also honorary memberships for alumni.

Alpha Nu Beta Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) - PTK was chartered in 1986 and is a growing academic honorary organization on the NMSU-A campus. Students who meet the minimum eligibility criteria may be invited to become members. To be eligible for membership, a student must carry a GPA of 3.5 or above, must be currently enrolled at NMSU-A, and must demonstrate leadership qualities.

Campus Christian Fellowship (CCF) - CCF is open to all students, faculty, and staff who desire to share their faith and beliefs in Jesus Christ. T.

League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) - LULAC was chartered in 2013. The primary purpose of the student organization is to encourage education completion and graduation. Other purposes include the promotion of Hispanic cultural arts, music, and history; practice parliamentary procedure; and to promote the Alamogordo community and educational programs of NMSU-A and the communities it serves.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Club (STEM) - STEM was chartered in 2012. The purpose is to facilitate opportunities for current STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) students in the fields of academic support, student success, and professional development as well as incorporating community and student body groups alike for the exploration of technological endeavors and expanding the communal perspective in regards to the integration of services with technology and scientific research.

Social Science Club (SSC) - The SSC was founded in 1998 and invites all students interested in the social sciences to become members. Along with discussions about how the social sciences can work for everyone, field trips are taken each semester to places of interest, local group meetings, and occasionally to places just to have fun. This club is interested in environmental and social concerns.

NMSU-A Student Government (NMSU-ASG) - The NMSU-A Student Government is the recognized student governing organization. It is comprised of senators elected by chartered student organizations and by At-Large Senators elected by NMSU-A students. Student Government Senators play an important role on this campus. The At-Large Senators and Student Organization Senators jointly allocate funding to student organizations, decide on major purchases to benefit the student body, represent the student body at major campus events, serve on campus-wide committees, and serve in an advisory capacity to the campus administrators.