The Early Childhood program is designed to prepare highly qualified students to become teachers, assistant teachers, or family day care providers in professional child care for children ages birth through eight years. Students may choose to continue their education at any four-year institution in New Mexico. Students in the Early Childhood Education program will gain a broad understanding of the specific needs of young children and develop strategies for meeting those needs. This degree will also fill the criteria for the most highly qualified professional in an early childhood position under No Child Left Behind. This degree transfers into a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood from the College of Education.

Students must have a 2.5 GPA to graduate from this program. However, a 2.75 GPA is required for acceptance into the Teacher Education Program at NMSU. A grade of C- or better is required in the following TEP prerequisites: ENGL 111G, ENGL 211G, MATH 111, MATH 112G, EDLT 268, and ECED 115, 125, 135, 215, 220, 235, 255, 265.

The Early Childhood program requires that a student take and pass a security background check in order to take the field experience and practicum courses. Past criminal violations may prevent a student from completing a degree in the education program.

Note: Any education courses more than seven years old taken at NMSU or at another institution will not be counted toward the student’s undergraduate program. A student may ask for a review of this time limit by the appropriate department. The department head and/or faculty may recommend accepting a course that is seven years old with approval from the Dean’s office. Any course not approved must be repeated by the student.

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