The Fine Arts program is designed to prepare students to work as professional artists, or to transfer to complete a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree in their chosen career field in Art, including drawing, painting, ceramics, or sculpture. Each option area provides specialized training in studio and conceptual processes and allows students to complete all the required coursework for the first two years of study.

The Fine Arts Associate Degree provides a tangible level of expertise and academic recognition for that achievement. Although many of our students do not intend to move on to the BA or BFA degree, they can complete an associate degree in their chosen art field. NMSU-A has developed a top notch art department with state of the art technology and instructors with exceptional credentials and experience.

Graduates of this program will:

  1. Utilize traditional and contemporary 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional design elements and principles in artistic creations.
  2. Apply the use of appropriate techniques in the execution of creative ideas.
  3. Access, evaluate, and interpret ideas, images, and information, then effectively communicate the results of such investigation.
  4. Articulate an understanding and appreciation for the political, social, spiritual, intellectual, and cultural contexts of art forms.

Arts and Sciences Division

New Mexico State University Alamogordo
2400 N. Scenic Drive
Alamogordo, NM  88310

Division Head:
Dr. David C. MacWilliams

Administrative Assistant:
Theresa Chavez

Office Location:
Pro-Tech 122C.