Information Technology - Associate of Applied Science

All Information Technology majors are required to complete a 1-credit internship program within the sophomore year. The Network Operating Systems courses (I, II, III) must be completed in numerical order.

A grade of C- or better is required in all courses.

Total Credits Required for Degree: 64

COMM 265GPrinciples of Human Communication3
or COMM 253G Public Speaking
E T 120Computation Software3
E T 153Introduction to Computer Networks3
E T 155Network Operating Systems I3
E T 182Digital Logic3
E T 220Internship1
E T 253Networking Operating Systems II3
E T 256Networking Operating Systems III3
E T 262Software Technology I3
E T 273Fundamentals of Networking Communications I4
E T 283Hardware PC Maintenance3
E T 284Software PC Maintenance3
E T 285Principles of Security3
E T 286Fundamentals of Security3
E T 290Networking Wireless Communication3
E T 291PC Forensics and Investigation3
ENGL 111GRhetoric and Composition4
ENGL 218GTechnical and Scientific Communication3
MATH 120Intermediate Algebra3
MATH 121GCollege Algebra3
PHYS 110GThe Great Ideas of Physics4
Total Credits64