A student may be accepted for undergraduate admission to NMSU-A as a degree-seeking student or as a nondegree student under the policies and conditions as set forth in this section.

New Student Orientation:  The online New Student Orientation is available to students at any given time with permission from Advising. The New Student Orientation is mandatory for all new incoming Freshman or transfer students. New Student Orientation allows students the opportunity to learn about NMSU-A’s services, resources, academic expectations, strategies for success, and student organizations.

Application Materials

All documents submitted as part of the admissions process become property of NMSU and will not be returned to the student. Application materials are retained for one calendar year for students who apply but do not attend.

Out-of-State Students and Legal Jurisdiction

By applying for admission/enrollment, both the student and parents agree that New Mexico law prevails and all litigation will be in federal or state court in New Mexico.

How to Apply as a First-Time Student (Regular Student)

Requirements for admission as a regular student include the following:

  • Formal application for admission.
  • An official transcript of the student’s high school credits, General Education Development (GED), or HISET scores.
    Transcripts must be sent directly from the high school or GED/HISET Testing Center to:
    NMSU Alamogordo
    Admissions & Records Office
    2400 N. Scenic Drive
    Alamogordo, NM 88310

    Or via email to

Students who attended a college or university while in high school must request to have official transcripts forwarded directly to the Admissions Office by the Registrar of each college or educational institution previously attended.

Note: If the high school transcripts or GED/HISET test results do not provide adequate information for a final admission’s decision, NMSU-A may require the applicant to submit official results of the American College Testing (ACT) Program test battery.

Qualifications for admission to New Mexico State University Alamogordo include:

  • Graduation from any state high school or academy in the United States accredited by a regional accrediting association or approved by a state department of education or state universities, or
  • A minimum of a GED or HISET diploma (in English; minimum score 450).

Home School Students

Students enrolled in a home school program may be accepted to NMSU Alamogordo if they meet the requirements for regular admission. In addition, the home school educator must submit a signed transcript or document that lists the courses completed and grades earned by the student as well as indicate the date the student completed or graduated from the home school program. Home school students who are New Mexico residents and wish to participate in the Lottery Success Scholarship program are required to submit official New Mexico GED (in English) test results.

Aggie Pathway Program

The Aggie Pathway to the Baccalaureate Program is designed to provide the support you need as you transition from high school to college. As an Aggie Pathway student, you will start at one of the three community college campuses, located in Alamogordo, Doña Ana County, or Grants. You will receive extra, personalized guidance to help you every step of the way as you work toward your bachelor's degree.  Once admitted to the program, you will enroll in courses at an NMSU community college. While at the community college, you will work closely with a team of advisors to help find your pathway to a bachelor's degree at New Mexico State University. For more information, go to, or call (575) 646-8011.

How to Apply as a NonDegree Seeking Student

Nondegree admission is designed to meet the needs of mature, part-time students who do not wish to pursue a degree at this university. Courses taken in this status may not be used to meet university admission requirements.

Students on nondegree status are not eligible to receive financial aid or student employment; nor are they eligible to participate in student government or intercollegiate athletics; nor are they eligible to receive benefits from any veterans’ program.

Students interested in using nondegree credit for initial teacher certification or recertification in a new field need to contact the College of Health, Education, and Social Transformation in Las Cruces. Transcripts from previous institutions, high school, and/or results of college entrance exams may be required to assure readiness for university-level courses. Nondegree students may not transfer more than 30 credits from this status to any undergraduate degree program with the exception of students participating in a high school concurrent enrollment program.

Nondegree students are subject to the same university regulations as regular students.

Changing From Nondegree Status: A nondegree student in good academic standing (2.0 GPA or above) at NMSU must submit a formal application for a change of status from nondegree to degree seeking. Requirements for regular admission must be met.

Any transfer student who has less than a 2.0 cumulative GPA from previous college(s) and/or vocational school(s) must submit a letter of appeal to the Admissions Appeal Board for a change-of-status to degree-seeking.

How to Apply for Readmission

Former students of NMSU or one of its community colleges who have not attended an NMSU campus for more than two consecutive terms are required to make formal application for readmission. Applications must be submitted to the Admission & Records Office at least five working days prior to registration. Readmission does not require an additional admission fee.

A grade report or unofficial transcript from previous institutions may be required at the time of readmission to show eligibility to return to colleges/universities previously attended.

Readmission to Degree-Seeking Status: A student who is seeking readmission and whose last NMSU admission status was degree-seeking (regular) must complete a degree-seeking readmission form. Additionally, if the student has attended other institutions during an absence from NMSU, the student must have official transcripts forwarded directly to the Admissions & Records Office by the registrar of each institution and must be eligible to return to the college or university last attended. Academic admission status at the time of readmission will normally be determined by previous NMSU academic standing. However, academic performance at other institutions attended during the applicant’s absence from NMSU may be considered when determining the student’s academic admission status.

Readmission to Nondegree Status: A student who is seeking readmission and who previously attended NMSU-A under a nondegree admission status must complete a nondegree readmission form. However, if the student wants to be readmitted under a degree (regular) status, the student must request a change-of-status at the time of readmission.

Opportunities for High School Students

Dual Credit for High School Students: Students who attend a public high school, a charter school, or a state supported school are required to participate in a college experience if their entrance to high school is 2009-2010 school year or later. High school students may complete the requirement by taking:

  1. an Honors course,
  2. an Advanced Placement (AP) course,
  3. an Online course through the high school and/or,
  4. an approved Dual Credit college course at NMSU-A.

This program is designed to enhance and supplement the high school curriculum, not duplicate or replace it; therefore, there may be limitations on class choice.

High school students who wish to take college courses at NMSU-A must meet the following requirements prior to enrolling in a dual credit course:

  • Obtain permission from your high school counselor, the student’s parent or guardian (if the student is under 18 years old), and an NMSU-A representative.
  • Meet NMSU-A requirements to enroll as a dual credit student (exceptions can be made based on criteria such as grade point average, GPA; scores on the ACT or other New Mexico State University System Agreement, curricular needs, achievement, and enrollment in high school).

The course a student is allowed to take is based on their GPA, placement assessment results, and the courses authorized by their high school.

Students participating in this program at NMSU-A will have their tuition and general fees waived by the college. Students will be responsible for lab fees and any other course specific fees. For approved courses, students must visit with their high school counselor and Dual Credit college advisor. Grades for courses taken at the college will be sent to the appropriate high school and are required to be transcribed on the high school transcript.

Dual Credit for Home School Students: Home school students who choose to participate in college courses must meet the same requirements mentioned above and will have their tuition and general fees waived by NMSU-A if their organization has a signed MOU with NMSU-A.  The student will be required to purchase the book and pay any course fee. These students will be required to provide the college with a graded transcript. This transcript must provide a graded (A-F) transcript showing courses, course levels, grade level, and grades signed by the home school program evaluator. Students must also meet the GPA requirements for each grade level.

Early Admit: High school students attending a private school may participate through the Early Admit Program. Also, high school students who wish to take college courses but do not want their grade on the high school transcript may also be admitted as Early Admit students. These students must meet the same eligibility requirements as Dual Credit students (see above). However, these students will be required to pay their tuition, fees, and purchase the book for the class.