Engineering Technology

The Associate of Applied Science degree in Engineering Technology is designed to prepare the graduate for entry-level employment in the fast-growing and challenging technology career-field. The degree is comprised of curriculum relating to engineering technology fundamental coursework. The remaining courses required for completion are chosen as part of two offered concentrations or majors. Students may also apply the associate degree coursework to a Bachelor Degree in Engineering Technology (Electronics program) and/or a Bachelor Degree in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) offered at NMSU Las Cruces.

Electronics Concentration

The Electronics Technology concentration prepares the graduate for an entry-level position in the electronics industry. Employment opportunities include a wide range of careers in research and development, operational support of electronic instrumentation systems, computer and network infrastructures, manufacturing, and communication industries. Electronic technicians develop, manufacture, and service electronic equipment using sophisticated measuring and diagnostic equipment.

BMET Concentration

Biomedical Equipment Technology concentration is intended to provide skills and training for students to become Biomedical Equipment Technicians who install, maintain, and repair medical equipment. Employment for Biomedical Technologists is available from hospitals, medical equipment manufacturing/service corporations, doctor's offices, and other facilities that utilize medical equipment. Students must pas an NMDOH CCHSP background check to work in a health care facility, be a current BLS health care provider, and meet all clinical clearance requirements.

Graduates of this program will:

Electronics Concentration

  1. Apply knowledge of electronic fundamentals, major electronic components, and essential circuit formulas in a field or laboratory setting.
  2. Use a computer for academic and industry-related applications.
  3. Apply technical knowledge and skills to install and support personal computers and computer networks.
  4. Exhibit proficiency in the use of electronic test equipment and tools, and troubleshoot electronic circuits for various component malfunctions.
  5. Demonstrate good oral and written communication skills and demonstrate good technical research skills.
  6. Use strong analytical problem-solving skills and mathematical knowledge to solve complex technical problems.

Biomedical Equipment Concentration

  1. Explain the function of the electrical components of medical equipment and diagnose common issues and perform preventive maintenance and repair in a clinic environment.
  2. Describe the role of Biomedical Technology in healthcare and safety requirements, regulations, and standards.
  3. Demonstrate a working medical vocabulary and ability to communicate as part of a healthcare team as well as knowledge of basic human anatomy and physiology.
  4. Identify, analyze, and integrate the technical equipment requirements with the needs of medical staff and patients and use oral and written business communication skills appropriate to a clinical environment.
  5. Identify key components of effective clinical customer service and function as an organized team member to complete complex tasks in a timely manner.
  6. Demonstrate professional ethical behavior and a respect for diversity in an internship clinical setting as evidenced by supervisor reports.

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