SOWK 2110G. Introduction to Human Services & Social Work

3 Credits (3)

This course is for students who are interested in social welfare issues and/or are considering entering a social service profession. The course presents an overview of social problems, issues and trends, and the network of social agencies developed to address these concerns. The course examines the influence of personal and professional values and ethics on the helping relationship. The concept of social welfare will be discussed from a social work perspective (with an emphasis on social justice), and students will gain a basic understanding of social work in U.S. society, social work career opportunities, and contemporary issues facing social workers. Approaches relevant to work with individuals, families, groups and communities are presented, with special emphasis on Hispanic and Indigenous populations of New Mexico and the Southwest. May be repeated up to 3 credits.

Learning Outcomes
  1. Explain the interactions of social institutions, cultural factors, dimensions of identity, and environment with the human development and behavior of individuals.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of the social work profession’s focus on addressing contemporary social issues in the United States.
  3. Describe the mission and services provided by social service agencies at the regional, national, and global levels.
  4. Demonstrate a basic understanding of the social work profession, its history, career opportunities, and contemporary issues facing social workers in the United States today.
  5. Recognize how students’ knowledge, skills, and attitudes impact their competence as helping professionals.

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