OEET 110. Basic Electricity and Electronics

4 Credits (3+3P)

An introduction to electricity theory and practice, including electron theory, Ohm s law, construction of electrical circuits, direct and alternating currents, magnetism, transformers, and practical applications. Same as HVAC 102, ELT 105, OEPB 102.

OEET 120. Basic Motor Controls

5 Credits (2+6P)

Developing schematics and wiring simple manual and electromechanical control devices.

Prerequisite: OEET 110 or consent of instructor.

OEET 205. National Electric Code

3 Credits (3)

Interpretation and application of the National Electric Code.

Prerequisite: OEET 110.

OEET 251. Electrical Apprenticeship V

6 Credits (6)

Commercial/industrial applications for electricians. Blueprint interpretation, commercial construction types and processes, wiring methods, wiring materials, and motor controls.

Prerequisites: OEET 154 and consent of instructor.

OEET 252. Electrical Apprenticeship VI

6 Credits (6)

In-depth commercial applications to include commercial/industrial service calculations, mobile home parks, multi-family dwellings, and commercial fire/security systems.

Prerequisites: OEET 251 and consent of instructor.

OEET 253. Electrical Apprenticeship VII

6 Credits (6)

Control devices in commercial/industrial applications; emphasis on logic in-line diagrams, time delay starters, reversing starters, and manual/magnetic solenoids.

Prerequisites: OEET 252 and consent of instructor.

OEET 254. Electrical Apprenticeship VIII

6 Credits (6)

Miscellaneous topics for the journeyperson electrician to include power distribution/transmission, solid state controls and relays, photoelectric and proximity controls and programmable controllers.

Prerequisites: OEET 253 and consent of instructor.

OEET 295. Special Topics

1-6 Credits

Topics to be announced in the Schedule of Classes.