GEOG 111G. Geography of the Natural Environment

4 Credits (3+3P)

Introduction to the physical processes that shape the human environment: climate and weather, vegetation dynamics and distribution, soil development and classification, and geomorphic processes and landform development.

GEOG 112G. World Regional Geography

3 Credits (3)

Overview of the physical geography, natural resources, cultural landscapes, and current problems of the world's major regions. Students will also examine current events at a variety of geographic scales.

GEOG 120G. Culture and Environment

3 Credits (3)

Study of human-environmental relationships: how the earth works and how cultures impact or conserve nature. Introduction to relationships between people and natural resources, ecosystems, global climate change, pollution, and conservation.

GEOG 257. Introduction to Weather Science

4 Credits (3+3P)

Introduction to Earth's atmosphere and the dynamic world of weather as it happens. Working with current meteorological data delivered via the Internet and coordinated with learning investigations keyed to the current weather; and via study of select archives. Crosslisted with: SOIL 257 and AGRO 257

Prerequisite(s): None.

GEOG 259. Introduction to Oceanography

4 Credits (3+3P)

Introduces the origin and development of the ocean and marine ecological concepts. Examines physical processes such as waves, tides, and currents and their impact on shorelines, the ocean floor, and basins. Investigates physical processes as they relate to oceanographic concepts. Includes media via the Internet and laboratory examination of current oceanic data as an alternative to the actual oceanic experience. Students will gain a basic knowledge and appreciation of the ocean's impact on the world's ecology. Branch campuses only. Consent of Instructor required.

GEOG 281. Map Use: Reading, Analysis and Interpretation

3 Credits (2+3P)

Exploration of the cartographic medium. Development of critical map analysis and interpretation skills, and map literacy. Comprised of traditional lecture, labs, and map use projects.

GEOG 291. Special Topics

1-3 Credits

Specific subjects to be announced in the Schedule of Classes. May be repeated for a maximum of 12 credits.

GEOG 295. Introduction to Climate Science

4 Credits (3+3P)

Examines fundamentals and related issues of Earth's climate system, climate variability, and climate change. Develops solid understandings of Earth's climate system framed in the dynamic, Earth system based approach to the science. Branch Campuses only. May be repeated up to 4 credits.