Applied Business Retail and Merchandising Services - Certificate

16 credits

The Certificate in Applied Business Retail and Merchandising Services will enable students to acquire the fundamental business skills needed to manage and promote a retail sales operation.  This is an applied certificate aimed at developing a student's employee performance and leading to pursuit of the Associate of Applied Business.

Prefix Title Credits
Course Requirements
BUSA 1110Intro to Business3
BMGT 126Retail Management3
BMGT 132Principles of Selling3
BMGT 136Forecasting Business Activity3
BMGT 216Business Math3
BMGT 221Internship I1
Total Credits16

A Suggested Plan of Study

This roadmap is only a suggested plan of study in order to complete a Certificate in two semesters.  It is not intended as a contract.  Course availability may vary from fall to spring semester and may be subject to modification or change.  Students are advised to earn a C or better to avoid repeating courses. BMGT 216 Business Math requires a C or better in CCDM 103n PreAlgebra, or an adequate placement in the Math Placement Exam.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
BUSA 1110 Intro to Business 3
BMGT 136 Forecasting Business Activity 3
BMGT 221 Internship I 1
BMGT 216 Business Math 3
BMGT 126 Retail Management 3
BMGT 132 Principles of Selling 3
 Total Credits16

Program Manager: Dr. Marlene Chavez-Toivanen
Phone: (505) 287-6641
Office:  Martinez Hall