Web Fundamentals - Certificate of Completion

This Certificate is 100% embedded and leads to the Associate of Applied Science in Creative Media Design at NMSU Grants.

30 credits

Prefix Title Credits
OECS 105Introduction to Information Technology3
FDMA 1120Desktop Publishing3
FDMA 1360Web Design I3
FDMA 1515Introduction to Digital Image Editing - Photoshop3
FDMA 1535Introduction to Illustrator3
FDMA 1630Principles of Design3
FDMA 2360Web Design II3
FDMA 2994Portfolio Design & Development3
FDMA Electives6
Total Credits30

A Suggested Plan of Study

This roadmap is only a suggested plan of study in order to complete a Certificate in two semesters.  It is not intended as a contract.  Course availability may vary from fall to spring semester and may be subject to modification or change.  Students are advised to earn a C or better in courses to avoid repeating courses.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
OECS 105 Introduction to Information Technology 3
FDMA 1120 Desktop Publishing 3
FDMA 1360 Web Design I 3
FDMA 1515 Introduction to Digital Image Editing - Photoshop 3
FDMA 1535 Introduction to Illustrator 3
FDMA 2360 Web Design II 3
FDMA 2994 Portfolio Design & Development 3
FDMA 1630 Principles of Design 3
FDMA electives - Choose two FDMA courses 6
 Total Credits30
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