Welding Technology - Associate of Applied Science

60-61 credits

The Associate of Applied Science in Welding Technology teaches students how to set up and use various types of welding equipment. Students also will learn how to weld pipe and plate in various positions: flat, horizontal, vertical, and overhead.

Students must complete all University degree requirements, which include: General Education requirements and elective credits to total at least 60-61 credits. Developmental coursework will not count towards the degree requirements and/or elective credits, but may be needed in order to take the necessary English and Mathematics coursework.

(See also Welding Technology Certificate)

Prefix Title Credits
General Education
Select one course from four of the following six content areas for a total of 12-14 credits. 1, 212-14
This degree requires courses from Areas I IV, V and VI; students do not need to take additional courses to complete the General Education requirements.
Area I: Communications
Rhetoric and Composition4
Area II: Mathematics
Area III: Laboratory Sciences
Area IV: Social/Behavioral Sciences
Introduction to Psychology3
Introductory Sociology
Area V: Humanities
Select one from the following:
Introduction to Early American History3
Introduction to Recent American History
The Art of Wondering3
Introduction to Philosophy
Area VI: Creative and Fine Arts
Select one from the following:
Orientation in Art3
Visual Concepts
The World of Theatre3
General Education Elective
ENGL 203GBusiness and Professional Communication3
or ENGL 218G Technical and Scientific Communication
Welding Core Requirements
WELD 100Structural Welding I6
WELD 105Introduction to Welding3-4
or AUTO 105 Welding
WELD 110Blueprint Reading (Welding)3
WELD 115Structural Welding II6
WELD 120Basic Metallurgy3
WELD 125Introduction to Pipe Welding3
WELD 130Introduction to GMAW MIG)3
WELD 140Introduction to GTAW TIG)3
WELD 211Welder Qualification6
Other Course Requirements
DRFT 114Introduction to Solid Modeling3
or DRFT 109 Computer Drafting Fundamentals
MATH 120Intermediate Algebra3
or OETS 118 Mathematics for Technicians
Other Course Electives to reach a minimum of 60 credits2
Cooperative Experience I1-6
Special Topics
Total Credits60-61