Associate Degree and Certificate Programs

Note: Any item in this catalog is subject to modification at any time by proper administrative procedure. Check with Academic Advising or your Program Manger to inquire about potential changes between Catalog Publications.

Curricular requirements for a specific degree may be met by completing all of the course requirements for that degree as set forth in the catalog of matriculation provided that the selected catalog is not more than six years old when the requirements for graduation are met.














A Note About Career Technical Education Courses

Students planning to pursue a four-year degree at New Mexico State University after completing their studies at NMSU Grants need to be aware that not all career technical education courses taken at NMSU Grants will apply toward a given major at NMSU. The number of NMSU Grants credits that may be counted toward a four-year degree depends on the major selected and any agreements providing for the acceptance of the career technical education courses.

It is best for students to consult advisers at both NMSU Grants and NMSU early in their associate degree program to insure that the maximum number of credits will apply toward the bachelor’s degree program selected.

Placement Tests

All students should take the Math and English Placement Test to assist in determining skill levels, if they have not taken the ACT or SAT and earned adequate scores. Some students may benefit by taking developmental coursework in English and/or mathematics to strengthen skill levels in these areas. Although developmental courses do not meet degree requirements, they are certainly of benefit to those enrolled. After completing any developmental courses, new students are advised to complete ENGL 1110G Rhetoric and Composition, before completing other General Education requirements.

Certificate Programs

Students who plan to earn a certificate in one of the Certificate programs are encouraged to schedule an appointment with an Academic Adviser in the Student Services office; the student will be provided with a specific program of study.  Additionally, speak with a Financial Aid adviser to ensure the certificate program is eligible for financial aid.

Additional Programs

In addition to Associate Degrees and Certificate programs offered by NMSU Grants, the college also offers additional programs of study that prepare students for Bachelor's Degrees and certification in several areas.

Students who want to earn credit in Early Childhood development may enroll in the Early Childhood (ECED) courses for CDA certification. Students are encouraged to contact the appropriate State, Tribal or local agency for specific certification requirements.