Governance and Personnel

Board of Regents

  • Ammu Devasthali, Chair
  • Christopher T. Saucedo, Vice Chair
  • Garrett Moseley, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Dina Chacón-Reitzel, Member
  • Deborah Romero, Member

Administration - Las Cruces  

  • Mónica Torres, Interim President, NMSU
  • Andrew J. Burke, Interim Chancellor, Community Colleges

Advisory Board - Grants/Cibola County Public School Board Members

  • Francie Lee, President
  • T. Walter Jaramillo, Vice President
  • Ronald Ortiz, Secretary
  • Guy Archambeau, Member
  • Emily E. Hunt-Dailey, Member

Grants Campus Administration

  • Mónica Torres, Chancellor of NMSU System Community Colleges, Ph.D.
  • Marlene Chavez-Toivanen, Associate Campus Director & Vice President for Academic Affairs, Ph.D., Educational Leadership, New Mexico State University
  • Patrick Clingman, Vice President for Student Services, Master's Engineering Management, New Mexico Tech
  • Alice Salcido, Business Manager III – B.B.A., New Mexico State University

Regular Faculty

  • Bishop, David, Associate Professor, Mathematics, M.S., Western Illinois University
  • Dian, Naeim, Assistant Professor, Business, M.S. Arizona State University
  • Erben, Joan, Professor, Communications & Humanities, D.A. (Doctor of Arts, English), Idaho State University
  • Gallagher, Neal, Associate Professor, Allied Health Sciences, B.S.N. (Nursing), Western Connecticut State University
  • Garcia, Gabriel, College Instructor, BS Electrical Engineering, NMSU
  • Gilmore, Samuel, Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Chemistry, University of Arizona
  • Gutierrez, Richard, Professor, Welding/Drafting, B.A. (Industrial Engineering), University of Northern Colorado
  • Humphreys, Elizabeth, Associate Professor, Communications, M.A., St. John’s College
  • O’Connor, Kathleen, Associate Professor, Education & Counseling, M.A., Counseling, Prescott College; M.A., Early Childhood Development, The University of New Mexico
  • Oskey, Eric, College Assistant Professor, Automotive Technology, A.A.S., Automotive Technology, New Mexico State University
  • Prewett, Janet, Assistant Professor, Mathematics, M.A., Western New Mexico University
  • Romero, A. Gene, Professor, Communications & Humanities, M.F.A., The University of Iowa
  • Stoneking, Megan, College Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice/Social Sciences, M.C.J., New Mexico State University
  • Webb, Michael, College Assistant Professor, Creative Media & Computer Technology, B.S., Western Governors University
  • Yazzie, Jennifer, College Assistant Professor, Computer Technology, BICT, New Mexico State University


  • Barela, Tanya, Fiscal Assistant, Intermediate
  • Barela, John, Groundskeeper Sr.
  • Bratzel, Kaci, Library Assistant, Assoc., New Mexico State University
  • Clemons, Samuel, Technology Support Tech., Title V, Associates of Computer Technology, New Mexico State University
  • Dodson, Devin, Instructional Designer, Sr., Title V, M.A. Literature, Louisiana Tech University
  • Early, Matt, Title V Institutional Research, Master of Arts, Ball State University
  • Eldodt, Brandon, Student Program Coordinator, Bachelor of Science, University of Utah
  • Eversole, Mark, PC Support, A.A., Albuquerque Technical Vocational Institute; Diploma, NRI Schools, Computer Programming
  • Franklin, Nathan, Library Specialist Ld., M.S.L.I.S, Pratt Institute, New York City
  • Garcia-Moreno, Kelly, Program Specialist Sr., B.A. Journalism and Media Studies & Foreign Language, New Mexico State University
  • Gutierrez, Nelia (Janie), HR Operations Unit Coord, General Assoc., New Mexico State University
  • Halona, Krystle, Admin Assistant, Assc., Title V, Associate of Applied Science, Navajo Technical University 
  • Hinojos, Matthew, Systems Analyst Sr., BICT NMSU
  • Knighton, Ambrosia, Title V Program Manager, Master of Arts, New Mexico State University
  • Kormick, Nicole, Administrative Assistant Sr., Assoc., New Mexico State University
  • Lochrie, Christie, CC Manager, Adult Education, M.F.A., Goddard College
  • Lucero, Charles, Custodial Worker Sr
  • Lucio, Adrianne, Custodial Worker
  • Miles, Cheryl, Student Program Coordinator Sr., Bachelor of Individualized Studies, New Mexico State University
  • Miller, Gail, Fiscal Assistant, Sr – Assoc., New Mexico State University
  • Pino, Lorenzo, Program Specialist Sr., Title V Case Manager, B.S. Elementary Education, Haskell Indian Nations University.
  • Shaver, Paulette, Testing Assistant Coordinator
  • Soboleff, Steven, VA Student Program Coord., Assoc., New Mexico State University
  • Valdez, Corley, Facilities Manager
  • Waconda, Crystal, Custodial Worker
  • Ware, Samantha, Registration/Admission Specialist, Assoc., International Institute of Americas
  • Wei, Xiaojing, Institutional Researcher, M.S. Applied Statistics, M.S. Accounting, New Mexico State University
  • Whitmore, Lisa, Academic Advisor, Ld., MBA, New Mexico State University

Emeritus Faculty

  • Dixon, Tom, Professor, Mathematics, Ph.D., New Mexico State University
  • Habiger, Betty, Professor/Program Manager, Business, M.S. (Training & Learning Technologies), University of New Mexico
  • Johnson, Elaine, Professor/Program Manager, Business Office Technology, M.S., University of New Mexico; in memoriam
  • Leach, Michael, Professor, Social Sciences, M.S., University of Southern California, M.A., University of New Mexico
  • Ma, Lucy Belle, Instructor, English, Philosophy, M.R.E., Southwestern Seminary; in memoriam
  • MacKendrick, Sharon, Professor, Mathematics, M.A., University of New Mexico
  • Perrow, Cecelia, Professor, History and Government, Ph.D., Northern Arizona University
  • Perrow, Michael, Associate Professor, Natural Sciences, Mathematics, M.A.T., New Mexico State University
  • Rider, Marvin, Assistant Professor, Secretarial Administration and Accounting, M.A., University of New Mexico; in memoriam
  • Sailer, William E., Professor, Business Administration, Ed.D., New Mexico State University; in memoriam
  • Strange, Patricia, Associate Professor, English, M.A.T., Western New Mexico University