Counseling and Community Psychology - Certificate of Completion

Prefix Title Credits
CEPY 1120GHuman Growth and Behavior 13
CEPY 2110Learning in the Classroom 13
CEPY 2120The Preschool Child 13
CEPY 2130Adolescence - School Setting 13
CEPY 2140Explorations of Counseling & Community Psychology 13
PSYC 1110GIntroduction to Psychology3
PSYC 2230Psychology of Adjustment3
PSYC 2311A Study of Substance Abuse through Learning3
Total Credits24

A grade of C or better is required for all CEPY courses.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
Semester 1Credits
CEPY 1120G Human Growth and Behavior 3
CEPY 2110 Learning in the Classroom 3
CEPY 2120 The Preschool Child 3
CEPY 2130 Adolescence - School Setting 3
Semester 2
CEPY 2140 Explorations of Counseling & Community Psychology 3
PSYC 1110G Introduction to Psychology 3
PSYC 2230 Psychology of Adjustment 3
PSYC 2311 A Study of Substance Abuse through Learning 3
 Total Credits24

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