Computer Technology - Certificate of Completion

30 credits

Students are given a variety of hands-on experiences to prepare them for computer related careers. There are opportunities for employment in a variety of settings including software support, computer repair, information management, networking and education.

This Certificate is 100% embedded in, and leads to, the Associate of Applied Science in Computer Technology at NMSU Grants.

Prefix Title Credits
Computer Technology Courses
OECS 105Introduction to Information Technology3
OECS 125Operating Systems3
OECS 185PC Maintenance and Repair I3
OECS 204Linux Operating System3
OECS 207Windows3
OECS 230Data Communications and Networks I3
OECS 231Data Communications and Networks II3
OECS 269Network Security3
OECS/C S/FDMA Electives6
Total Credits30
Plan of Study Grid
First Year
OECS 105 Introduction to Information Technology 3
OECS 125 Operating Systems 3
OECS 185 PC Maintenance and Repair I 3
OECS 230 Data Communications and Networks I 3
OECS/C S/FDMA elective 3
OECS 207 Windows 3
OECS 204 Linux Operating System 3
OECS 231 Data Communications and Networks II 3
OECS 269 Network Security 3
OECS/C S/FDMA elective 3
 Total Credits30
Program Manager: Michael Webb
Phone: (505) 287-6631
Office:  McClure Hall, Room 304