Southwest Heritage Studies - Certificate on Completion

29-31 Credits

The Certificate in Southwest Heritage Studies will prepare students for service in local museums, parks, visitor centers, historical centers, and cultural facilities to work as interpreters, tour guides, docents, technicians, or in any other capacity. The certificate also will enhance employment prospects for local students applying to hotel front desks, restaurants, travel agencies, realtors, retail outlets and other businesses with a tourist clientele. The curriculum focuses on New Mexico’s rich cultural and natural heritage. Students will gain first-hand knowledge of local culture and tourist attractions which will improve their ability to communicate with a diverse public. The capstone event is either an internship with a local tourist-oriented center or an independent study requiring students to visit at least 10 local tourist sites as well as web sites of other major attractions.

This Certificate is 100% embedded in, and leads to, the Associate of Arts at NMSU Grants.

Prefix Title Credits
ENGL 1110GComposition I4
COMM 1115GIntroduction to Communication3
or COMM 1130G Public Speaking
MATH 1215Intermediate Algebra3
BIOL 1190GContemporary Problems in Biology4
OECS 105Introduction to Information Technology3
Local History Requirements
HIST 2110Survey of New Mexico History3
HIST 2996Special Topics3
Select two courses from the following:6-8
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology3
Indigenous Peoples of North America3
Orientation in Art3
Introduction to Literature
and World Literature I
World Regional Geography3
Human Geography
Physical Geology4
Spanish I4
Spanish II4
Total Credits29-31

A Suggested Plan of Study

This roadmap is only a suggested plan of study in order to complete this Certificate in two semesters. It is not intended as a contract. Course availability may vary from fall to spring semester and may be subject to modification or change. Students are advised to earn a C or better to avoid repeating courses. This plan presumes the student is ready for ENGL 1110G Composition I and MATH 1215 Intermediate Algebra as determined by the English and Math Placement test, an ACT score, or passing the prerequisite course.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
ENGL 1110G Composition I 4
MATH 1215 Intermediate Algebra 3
HIST 2110 Survey of New Mexico History 3
OECS 105 Introduction to Information Technology 3
Elective - Choose from list in degree requirements 3-4
BIOL 1190G Contemporary Problems in Biology 4
COMM 1115G Introduction to Communication 3
HIST 2996 Special Topics 3
Elective - Choose from list in degree requirements 3-4
 Total Credits29-31
Program Manager: Alfred Gene Romero
Phone: (505) 287-6668
Room 306, McClure Hall