Drafting and Graphics Technology - Certificate

Gainful Employment Disclosure: At public and private not-for-profit institutions, gainful employment programs are Title IV-eligible certificate programs. Effective July 1, 2011, the U.S. Department of Education requires schools with Gainful Employment programs to disclose certain information about these programs. This information can be found at: https://grants.nmsu.edu/gainful-employment/

30 credits

This program provides students with the education and experience needed to pursue an entry-level drafting or computer graphics position. The program includes Architectural, Civil, Mechanical and Electronics Drafting. Classes developing 3-D animated graphics used by architects, designers for simulation, lawyers for accident reconstruction, executives for presentations, and business for training videos are included.

Prefix Title Credits
DRFT 109Computer Drafting Fundamentals3
DRFT 114Introduction to Solid Modeling3
DRFT 135Electronics Drafting I3
DRFT 143Civil Drafting Fundamentals3
DRFT 151Construction Principles and Print Reading3
DRFT 176Solid Modeling, Rendering and Animation3
DRFT 180Residential Drafting3
DRFT 181Commercial Drafting3
DRFT 276Computer Rendering and Animation I3
OETS 118Mathematics for Technicians3
Total Credits30