Online Education

NMSU Online ( includes 100% online undergraduate and graduate degrees, certificates, and courses within the NMSU system. NMSU Online serves students who need the flexibility of anytime anywhere learning to pursue their education and career goals. There are 60+ programs and 500+ courses available through NMSU Online to prepare students for careers and graduate study. In several content areas, students can pursue a fully online degree pathway from Bachelor’s to Master’s degrees with NMSU Online.

NMSU Online students meet the same departmental and institutional academic and curricular requirements. NMSU Online programs offer the same curriculum as the campus-based programs with courses developed and taught by expert faculty. NMSU Online courses are reviewed for quality course design and faculty are supported in best practices for online teaching. In addition,

NMSU Online programs are fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and often hold additional program accreditation from a professional accrediting agency.

Visit NMSU Online or contact or 888.729.6678.