ACES 1120. Freshman Orientation

1 Credit (1)

Orientation to University life, including the understanding and utilization of resources that promote University success. Designed to promote success in achieving a career objective and perseverance for degree completion. Promotes a recognition of changes required in moving from high school to the University. Eight weeks in length, required for all freshmen in the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Science.

ACES 1210. Financial Fitness for College Students

1 Credit (1)

An introduction to personal financial practices in post high school and/or college lives. Emphasis is placed on budgeting, savings, investment, college debt, student loans, credit cards, scams and consumer protection.

ACES 1220. Academic Excellence

1-3 Credits (1-3)

Academic curriculum of excellence that includes the development of collaborative learning and student success environment, learning diverse learning styles and multiple intelligences, and developing multi-contextual academic communication styles. Restricted to: Open to all ACES majors. Restricted to Las Cruces campus only.