SOIL 2110. Introduction to Soil Science

3 Credits (3)

An overview of fundamental concepts in soil science and soils as a natural resource. Students will be introduced to the physical, chemical, and biological properties as it relates to soil management in environmental science, conservation, and agronomy.Prerequisite: (CHEM 1120G or MATH 1215 or higher) or CHEM 1215G

SOIL 2110L. Introduction to Soil Science Laboratory

1 Credit (1)

Morphological, chemical, physical and biological properties of soil in the laboratory and field.

Corequisite(s): SOIL 2110.

SOIL 2996. Special Topics

1-4 Credits

Specific subjects and credits to be announced in the Schedule of Classes. Maximum of 4 credits per semester. No more than 9 credits toward a degree. May be repeated up to 9 credits. Consent of Instructor required.