SIGN 1110. American Sign Language I

3 Credits (3)

American Sign Language I is an introductory level language course in the language of the American Deaf Culture. Content includes ASL vocabulary and conversational skills; linguistic features of ASL; and skills in narrative/storytelling. In-class activities, comprehension and expressive examinations, narrative and storytelling assignments in addition to semester projects are venues for students to demonstrate their learning. In addition, Deaf Culture and Deaf Community issues are addressed.

SIGN 1120. American Sign Language II

3 Credits (3)

American Sign Language II is a continuation course that builds on concepts and skills developed in American Sign Language I. Students gain further exposure to ASL structure and grammar, and Deaf Culture and the Deaf community. Emphasis is on increasing students’ ability to comprehend other signers and express themselves with more elaboration when conversing or presenting in ASL.

Prerequisite: SIGN 1110 or consent of instructor.

SIGN 2110. American Sign Language III

3 Credits (3)

This is an intermediate level course in American Sign Language (ASL). Expected areas of intermediate skill and knowledge development include: language comprehension and production, conversational use, narratives, ASL language features and further knowledge of and interaction with Deaf culture and the Deaf community.

Prerequisite: SIGN 1120.