PHLS 1110G. Personal Health & Wellness

3 Credits (3)

A holistic and multi-disciplinary approach towards promoting positive lifestyles. Special emphasis is placed on major problems that have greatest significance to personal and community health. Topics to include nutrition, stress management, fitness, aging, sexuality, drug education, and others.

PHLS 1111. Introduction to Health Science

1 Credit (1)

An overview of professional career opportunities in the realm of health science as well as the functional roles of practice, education, administration, and research. Some field trips will be required.

PHLS 2110. Foundations of Health Education

3 Credits (3)

Role and responsibility of the health educator with emphasis on small group dynamics, oral and written communication skills, building community coalitions and introduction to grant writing. Taught with PHLS 375. Cannot receive credit for both PHLS 2110 and PHLS 375. May be repeated up to 3 credits.

Prerequisite(s): PHLS 1110G, or consent of instructor.

PHLS 2120. Essentials of Public Health

3 Credits (3)

The course will focus on principles and major areas if public health, including ecological and total personal concept of health care system, epidemiological approaches to disease prevention and control . Consent of Instructor required.