OETS 100. Industrial/Construction Safety

2 Credits (2)

Covers safety issues such as PPE, BBP, ladder safety,, RTK, HazCom, MSDS and information about safety organizations such as OSHA, NIOSH, NFPA, National Safety Council. Community Colleges only. Restricted to Dona Ana and Carlsbad campuses.

OETS 102. Career Readiness Certification Preparation

1 Credit (1)

This course is designed to prepare students to successfully obtain Career Readiness Certifications in all areas and at the appropriate levels for their program of study. Graded: S/U Grading (S/U, Audit). May be repeated up to 3 credits. S/U Grading (S/U, Audit).

OETS 103. Technical Career Skills

4 Credits (4)

This course will be project-based and will encompass writing, presentation, math, reading, and critical thinking skills applied in a technical environment. Restricted to: Community Colleges only.

OETS 104. Basic Mathematics for Technicians

4 Credits (4)

Fundamental mathematical concepts and computations including measurement, ratio and proportions, and pre-algebra as it relates to technical programs.

Prerequisite: appropriate placement test score.

OETS 117. Writing for Technicians

3 Credits (3)

Instruction in the skills for developing clear, written descriptions of processes and procedures used by technicians in various fields. Emphasis on correct grammar, logical organization, and receiving audience. Focuses on clarity, structure, and concise writing methods. Does not substitute for ENGL 111G. Restricted to: Community Colleges only.

OETS 118. Mathematics for Technicians

3 Credits (2+2P)

Analysis and problem solving of technical problems using measuring instruments and techniques of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. Restricted to Community Colleges campuses only.

Prerequisite: Grade of "C-" or better in OETS 104 or CCDM 103 N, or appropriate placement test score.

Learning Outcomes
  1. Use mathematics and problem solving techniques to analyze and find answers to money and financial problems.
  2. Use estimations to solve problems and check answers to make sure they are reasonable.
  3. Analyze and solve problems using the tools and techniques of algebra.
  4. Use geometry to find circumference, perimeters, areas and volumes of various plane and solid materials and spaces.
  5. Use trigonometry to solve problems involving triangular shapes.
  6. Use systems of equations and quadratic equations to solve technical problems.

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OETS 120. Business Fundamentals

3 Credits (3)

Instruction in the skills for basic business concepts used by technicians in various fields. Emphasis placed on basic business concepts; business ownership including marketing, management, accounting, and customer services; interpersonal communication; and basic computer concepts including word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation software. Restricted to Community Colleges campuses only.

OETS 255. Special Topics Technical Studies

1-6 Credits

Topics to be announced in the Schedule of Classes. Restricted to: Community Colleges only.

Prerequisite(s): Consent of instructor.