CCST 2110G. Introduction to Chicana and Chicano Studies

3 Credits (3)

An introductory survey of the Mexican American experience in the United States, with special reference to New Mexico. The course includes exploration of historical, political, social and cultural dimensions. NMSU Specific It seeks to review the historical causes and consequences of the formation of the Chicano identity and to understand its relation to the development of the Chicano experience as a distinct culture. The course explores the social and political impact that Chicana/o thought and theory has had on the United States over time, specifically developing concepts related to identity, community, social movements, and social justice. Ultimately, the course will facilitate understanding the historical ways in which Chicana/os have negotiated the pressures of their surroundings and in the process shaped or redefined American conceptions of identity, race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, education, protest, and resistance.

Learning Outcomes
  1. Apply various transdisciplinary perspectives and processes to understand humanist expressions through a variety of creative productions.
  2. Assess and apply social, historical, economic and cultural perspectives as they impact diverse populations over a period of time.
  3. Explain the ways in which narratives help people understand one another more clearly and profoundly across ethnic and cultural groups.
  4. Design projects that foster and increase a full understanding of a subject in order to promote change in their own and listeners' attitudes, values, beliefs, or behaviors.
  5. Apply qualitative and numerical data to explain diverse human actions in an everyday context of life.

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