AGRO 100G. Introductory Plant Science

4 Credits (3+2P)

Introduction to the physical, biological, and chemical principles underlying plant growth and development in managed ecosystems. In the laboratory portion of the class, students perform experiments demonstrating the principles covered in lecture. The course uses economic plants and agriculturally relevant ecosystems to demonstrate basic principles. Appropriate for nonscience majors. Same as HORT 100G.

AGRO 200. Special Topics

1-4 Credits (1-4)

Specific subjects and credits to be announced in the Schedule of Classes. Maximum of 4 credits per semester. No more than 9 credits toward a degree. May be repeated up to 9 credits. Consent of Instructor required.

AGRO 250. Plant Propagation

3 Credits (2+2P)

Practical methods of propagating horticultural plants by seed, cuttings, layering, grafting, division and tissue culture. Examination of relevant physiological processes involved with successful plant propagation techniques. Crosslisted with HORT 250.

AGRO 257. Introduction to Meteorology

4 Credits (3+3P)

Introduction to Earth's atmosphere and the dynamic world of weather as it happens. Working with current meteorological data delivered via the Internet and coordinated with learning investigations keyed to the current weather; and via study of select archives. Consent of instructor required. Crosslisted with: GEOG 257 and SOIL 257.