Spanish - Master of Arts (Online)

The degree plan requires a minimum of 36 credits in Spanish, of which at least 30 must be earned at the 500 level, and the remainder above the 450 level. The courses should be concentrated in the student's chosen area of study (linguistics or literature) as each student will be tested on a reading list that corresponds to each area study. A thesis is optional. Students authorized to complete a thesis may count a maximum of 6 credits of thesis work toward the degree. At the present time, the thesis option is not available for online-only students. There are no required core courses at this time and a student should work closely with his/her advisor and the Graduate Director to establish an appropriate individual degree plan.

All students in either the on-campus or online program may complete a minor at the master's level by taking 9 credits (3 courses) at the 500 level or above, in another area (department) of study, or within the department itself. For instance, a student studying linguistics may wish to obtain a minor in literature or a student studying literature may wish to obtain a minor in linguistics. In either case, the minor credits count as part of the 36 total credits required for the degree. In all cases, the student should work closely with the Graduate Director to ensure his/her particular plan of study is acceptable to the program.

Area of Study: Linguistics

Prefix Title Credits
Select 12 courses from the following:36
Technology Enhanced Language Learning3
Teaching Literature with Technology3
Teaching Culture with Technology3
Assessing the National Standards3
Introduccion a la Linguistica3
Advanced Dialectos del Espanol3
Advanced Spanish Phonetics3
Advanced Spanish Phonology3
Advanced Study in Technical Translation3
Research Methodology in Spanish Linguistics3
Spanish Morphosyntax3
Spanish Sociolinguistics3
Advanced Study in History of the Spanish Language3
Advanced Structure of Spanish3
Theory and Methodology of Spanish Pedagogy3
Advanced Strategies for Teaching Spanish for Heritage/Native Speakers3
Total Credits36

Area of Study: Literature

Prefix Title Credits
Select 12 courses from the following:36
Methods of Research and Literary Criticism3
Contemporary Spanish-American Poetry3
Adv. The Art of Storytelling3
Advanced Culture and Literature of New Mexico3
Advanced U.S. Latino Culture and Literature3
Advanced Hispanic Film3
Advanced U.S.-Hispanic Film3
Advanced Study in Mexican Literature3
Advanced Post-Modern Hispanic Literature3
Contemporary Spanish-American Novel3
Advanced Study in Chicano Literature3
Advanced Study in Creative Writing3
Advanced Study in Spanish-American Women Writers3
Contemporary Spanish-American Essay3
Contemporary Spanish-American Short Story3
Contemporary Spanish-American Drama3
Total Credits36

Courses that may apply to either area include SPAN 590 Advanced Special Topics (see subtitles in schedule of courses to confirm subject of the course) SPAN 598 Independent Reading, Research, and/or Creative Writing, SPAN 599 Master's Thesis (both courses require a course proposal and prior approval).

Additional Language Requirement

For both the on-campus and online degrees, the department requires that students fulfill a second language requirement (in addition to English and Spanish) by following an approved course of study. Typically, this is completed by taking a four-semester course of study, but may vary according to the languages available.

Options for completing this requirement include taking classes at a local Community College or University, or online. Some students have met this requirement by studying abroad through NMSU. Students should consult the Graduate Director to establish a plan and discuss how this requirement will be met. Note: evidence of fulfilling the second language requirement must be provided to the Graduate Director BEFORE taking final examinations.

English Language Requirement

International students are required to demonstrate proficiency in English and meet all international admissions requirements prior to beginning their program of study. Please see the section of the Graduate Catalog on international admissions requirements and scores required for either the TOEFL or IELTS exam. Note: evidence of fulfilling the English Language Requirement must be provided to the Graduate Director AND the Graduate School BEFORE taking final examinations.

Final Examinations

Students must successfully complete a final department examination (generally during the final semester of coursework) that is partially written and partially oral. Please consult the Graduate Director for specific information on dates and format for these exams. Final examinations are only available during the Fall and Spring semesters.

Areas of Interest/Reading List

As stated previously, each student needs to select an area of interest: Linguistics or Literature. At the end of the student's degree, the final examinations (written and oral) will be based on the readings from the readings list in the student's selected area of study. For example, a student that has opted to specialize in literature is responsible for reading all the materials on the Literature Reading List. Likewise, a student that has opted to specialize in linguistics is responsible for reading all the materials on the Linguistics Reading List. The student is responsible for the reading list that was in place the year he or she started the program.

Each student is responsible for covering the reading materials listed. Please contact the Graduate Director for a detailed reading. Note that the list is dated, so make sure to refer to the correct list that covers the year/semester the student started the program. The student is responsible for covering ALL the readings even if the student did not cover them as part of work done in class.

Graduate Assistantships

For the on-campus program only, the department awards graduate assistantships to qualified students. For this financial assistance, the student works up to 20 hours a week in departmental programs, chiefly in the teaching of elementary and intermediate Spanish courses in either the Heritage Language sequence or Spanish as a second Language sequence. Students interested in being considered for an assistantship should clearly state this interest in their introduction letter during the application process. The department offers a limited number of assistantships, and students should remember that not everyone that applies for this award receives one. Maintaining the award depends on the student's successful performance both academically and in the classes he/she teaches and is evaluated on a semester-by-semester basis. Students who receive an assistantship are required to take SPAN 594 Theory and Methodology of Spanish Pedagogy (see course description) as part of their degree plan in order to help them prepare for teaching classes at NMSU.