Education (Curriculum & Instruction) - Master of Arts (Online)

Non- Licensure

The program with a concentration in Curriculum & Instruction/Multicultural Education is a 30 credit (minimum) program of study including elective/minor courses (9-12 credits).

Prefix Title Credits
Course Requirements
TPAL Core Courses
EDUC 5120Multicultural Education3
EDUC 5160Curriculum and Pedagogy3
EDUC 5140Research in Curriculum and Pedagogy3
EDUC 5170Action Research Projects 13
Additional TPAL Courses9
Directed Study Courses in Education1-3
Critical Race Theory & Storytelling in Educational Spaces3
Leadership for Social Justice and Equity3
Students select a minor in Native American Studies (9 cr), Gender and Sexuality Studies (9-12 cr), or 9 credits of electives in Criminal Justice9-12
Total Credits30-33

This course is the final course that students are required to take after all other courses are completed.